What is the Easiest Programming Language to Learn?

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What is the Easiest Programming Language to Learn?

This category is completely empty! Which is surprising because as an SEO or a Webmaster, there's no escaping code! We all come across it at some point and are either forced to delegate the task to someone experienced or learn it ourselves!

Everything you do on a computer or a website is coded at some point by someone. This very web page is coded. The way that this webpage works is coded. Although HTML and PHP isn't really a programming code.

I'm talking about actual programming code. Code that you write to do something that runs in a browser or on a computer. Whether its to make a game, or an app to do something.

I know there is a lot of information out there to get started learning this like free online courses and web tutorials, videos galore and more! It's always been something that I've been meaning to get more into so that I could write my own useful scripts for things I need doing or even just to create some games I could possibly sell or make money with.

Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python. Which one of these is the easiest programming code to pick up and learn? How much time would it take learning before you could write your own apps and games with it realistically?



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PHP is considered a programming language while HTML isn't although many people claim it is. HTML is a markup language (hence the ML at the end of HTML). Saying you code HTML is like saying you code Microsoft Word. :|

Anyway, I'd suggest PHP as it is very easy to learn and very powerful. It is great for web development and I prefer it over Ruby any day.

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Is PHP a programming code? I know there is PHP programming. But I always thought it was a web server scripting language (like asp, jsp) more than a programming one that is more for websites. I'm thinking more along the lines of complete programs I can use to do stuff on the web with or for making apps and games etc. What is the Easiest Programming Language to Learn?

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For total beginners, i guess every programming is complicated. I was trying different programming languages in the past, but i also recommend PHP programming and javascript. The thing is that these two are very much in use with other programmers and you can find tons of tutorials, tips or snippets all around internet which can help you for faster learning and understanding. Most of other programs use it and recommend it, so you can't go wrong at all. Even if you look at the best and most used CMS platforms, they are built in PHP. So another vote from me too.

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Hi you asking very good question specially for first time learners, actually who really would like to learn programming languages and do not know how to start. Below some suggestions for them.

If you are thinking of learning to code, the language you choose to choose up initial includes a ton to try and do with what you are making an attempt to be told, what you would like to try and do with the ability, and wherever you would like to eventually go from there. Still, some languages are easier to select up than others, have a community dedicated to teaching, or provide additional helpful skills once you learn them
Here are some wonderful Programming Languages for 1st Time Learners:
1. Java
Oracle's Java is one of the internet's longest standing and influential programming languages, used in many online applications and games.

2. Python
Whenever someone mentions first language to learn, Python is usually the one thought of first as this is often considered easy for beginners, easiest to pick up and learn.

3. Ruby
Developed by computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto, the Ruby language provides a dynamic, open-source, object-oriented programing language that is not as often used.

4. JavaScript
A good first time language to learn is JavaScript, owing to the many functionalities it can bring to the online web environment.

5. C/C++ is a decent language to learn, though not considered easiest, would be a good earner for a programmer in the industry.

Thanks by ajlancer

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Whoever tries to learn a programming language is going to feel that it is somewhat difficult at first. At least that is how I personally felt each time. Not everybody is meant to be a programmer and I am not made for that surely. Back in the days I started off with good old Quick Basic and Pascal. Later on I tried Python.

Nowadays the emphasis seems to be on Java and JavaScript. These are different from one another as the former is an OOP language while the latter is an OOP scripting language. JavaScript is used on browsers and it is relatively easy to learn. There are operating systems, online and offline apps and devices which use Java. I think that it is worth learning them considering how widely used they are. Moreover it helps you think very logically and much more analytically, and in my opinion it is easier to grasp the basics of Java than the C programming language, for example.

Ruby also is regarded as a relatively easy to learn programming language. Many feel it is quite similar to Python and Perl, so if you have any knowledge of these it might be worthwhile to give it a go.

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Good question. There are many programming languages, and some of them are very easy to learn, like PHP and Javascript. For ex: if you want to build websites, i'd suggest PHP and Javascript, because you can do amazing things with them.

Also, if you are interested in software development , i'd suggest and C# (which are implemented in .Net framework).

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I think PHP and Python are lot easier to learn. And if you use the python then surely you can create some of the good programs in a very short time. I have used Python the most for some of the small scripts. Also seen some of the hosting companies making use of the PHP and Ruby. So it depends on comfort zone. Some people make use of the C and C++ and Java. I personally find the Python lot better.

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I have no knowledge on programing therefore I don't code. I never felt the necessity of learning program until I launched my own websites. When I did not not coding, how short I felt. In absence of coding skills, even a simple tasks such as modifying a theme is not possible. Now, I am thinking to learn coding. However, I did not know where to begin. This thread gave me a lot of idea. Thanks for all who contributed to this.

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I think HTML is the easiest but it is not considered a programming language and it’s just meta tagging the web page. Anyway I have learned programming in mainframe before but I guess COBOL is already obsolete. Java is the most popular when it comes to the internet so maybe Java is one of the easiest to learn because it cannot be popular if it is difficult to learn.

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I think this is PHP and Java, but many people say that it is important to just understand the logic and syntax of the language and then everything will be easy to learn. Strange, now I know many programming languages well, although at school I constantly asked for help with homework on Java. I think it's just important for you to understand why you want to learn language programming and find a mentor

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