What is The Best SEO Strategy for New Sites in 2016?

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What is The Best SEO Strategy for New Sites in 2016?

Over the years, SEO has changed and evolved. What used to work last year, might not work this year or the next. What mattered last year, might not matter anymore.

So as SEO is a constantly shifting thing, from one thing into another, how can you know what the best SEO strategy is for your website in 2016 and beyond?

We've all heard how content is king. And if you want to rank high you need to have a great site with great content that is of the highest quality and gets shared loads. And that only the highest quality backlinks that count these days.

And we all know that Google has released many updates from Pirate to Payday, Penguin to Panda, Pigeon & RankBrain with over 500 unknown updates a year rolled out. Basically showing they're on the case to make it much harder for webmasters to manipulate the SERPS to their benefit. Sending a message that it's much harder to rank sites than it used to be because of all these new requirements that your site needs to meet.

But does all that history and all these new updates and requirements, mean that you can't still rank a website for something worth ranking for with the right type of SEO strategy?

I personally say no, it doesn't. And that you can still rank a website high for something actually worth ranking for with the right type of SEO. And many webmasters and SEO's will tell you the same thing. Because, while the same old easy tricks don't work as well any more. And there are more pitfalls you can fall prey to (algo penalties) than there was before. Provided you stay clean and give them what they want there is no reason why your new site cannot become an authority site in its niche and rank #1 for something.

And I'm not expecting SEO's to give away their secrets here. But can you advise on or recommend a specific winning SEO strategy that works today in 2016 for new sites or care to give some general advice on going about it?

As for me I personally think it comes down to great content and good on-site SEO and structure. Great high quality backlinks from old aged sites in the same niche as yours. And backlinks from high authority sites and social media sites, shares (social signals). Along with adding new fresh content of 1000+ words with unique high quality images posted on a regular basis with social signals and shares added all the time works a treat.

IMHO there's always room for 1 more at the top! That's why you always have to keep trying new things. ;)

What you say about this?


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I miss the days when people wrote about things they loved without thoughts of pleasing Google. Gone are the days? I guess. But we all bow to Google's whims and they string us along - as you said 500 updates. It's hard to keep up. Good content still wins out in the end.

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Same here, it looks like the color of money has overtaken our passion for the things that we love to write about. It’s like the internet has become a venue for SEO because almost anywhere I look, there is that SEO influence that you need to use good keywords for your tags or you have to spread the backlinks. I cannot blame website owners because of the chance to earn. However, we are not being natural anymore. Worse, isn’t it like being a robot when you write not with passion in your heart but with money in your head? Anyway, as for the topic of SEO, I will stick with the high quality contents.

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Good article. I enjoyed reading it. I agree with you that as long as one focuses on good content that is original and informative, and for SEO purposes, peppered with relevant keywords - one should do well. Creating such content is not simple. One needs to know how to strike the right balance between readability and SEO friendliness. One mistake many do is to include lots of keywords in a way that they do not make much sense. The result is that whoever tries to read through it is not going to understand much or be inclined to keep reading or checking out the site. You cannot do this to your visitors simply because you think that you will rank highly. Search engines are not stupid either, and in reality they do consider if the content is readable rather than just being packed with keywords. Also, I think that it is important to use press releases, and update a site regularly. A successful SEO strategy needs to include different techniques and regular monitoring is important so as to see what is indeed working well or what ought to be scrapped so as to introduce something new and more effective.

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I do SEO different for a website I don't intend on profiting from opposed to one I want to make sales from. It's a good and bad thing since I should treat my casual websites the same way, but I want to post whatever I want instead of please the people who come to the pages.

Sometimes posting what I want works a lot better than posting an optimized article on my pages in hopes of ranking it high in Googles search results. I'm not sure if it works better since I've been doing this for so long that I subconsciously optimize my posts, or if people shared it enough and in result gave me a boost in the SERPs. When writing on my casual websites I write what I think I'd want to read and sometimes it's what a lot of other want to read as well. I'll add images I like, add quotes I like, joke around in the post with myself (sad, I know), and it seems to work well.

When posting on my websites I want to profit from I optimize my posts perfectly in order to get them higher ranked in the search engines because they are loved by the spiders. I'll even hire writers to do the articles for me because sometimes writing 20+ articles on the same topic gets repetitive and I tend to add similar content to the posts after the first 5.

As for the off page optimization, I do the same for both types of websites. High quality links paired with tiering structures is always a win win. Being active on your social platforms will get you a decent amount of shares and traffic in time, you just have to be patient. Doing one or two press releases a year is usually enough to get you pushed to the top for some long tailed keywords, but not all of them.

What you should focus on:

  • Optimize your code.
  • Optimize your content
  • Build some links to your pages with and without content
  • Build some links to the links aimed at your pages (tiered linking)
  • Be active with your community on your website and social profiles
  • BE PATIENT!!!! I can't stress this enough What is The Best SEO Strategy for New Sites in 2016?



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