What are the best Google Adsense alternatives?

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What are the best Google Adsense alternatives?

I was thinking to build a new website, but want to explore Adsense alternatives just in case my application is not approved by Google Adsense. In the past, i have tried some of the non-Adsense alternatives and to be honest, I'm not happy with results as they don't look seem trustworthy (It's my opinion).

That's why i'm asking if you have tried any other ad network except google adsense, if yes, how was your experience with them? Please share your opinion!


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That's a really good question and something that I think a lot of webmasters are very interested in talking about. I have been with Adsense a really long time since 2008 at least. When my movie blog was very active, it was easy to get Adsense earnings - of course, movies are a popular topic. However, these days, I'm lucky to get a few cents here and there. My blog is no long very active as I don't put time into it anymore. When I owned a chat forum, I earned almost nothing from Adsense, but did quite well selling banner/button ads and signature line space. That was how I financed my hosting and domain name and kept the forum going so long. If possible, please try to sell ad space privately - you can list your ad space for rent via SEOClerks (for instance, 'banner ad on popular niche site) or use BuySellAds. When I get my site going again, I'm going to be using both of those ideas.

Some people report success with Chikita ads, though I have not used that ad network before.

Though you can search Google for 'highest paying Adsense alternatives', you are just better sticking to private ad sales as you will earn more money and not have to suffer through any of Google Adsense overly restrictive guidelines.

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The only one I've ever used that actually worked well was The difference is you get paid up front instead of per click so you know what you have somewhat consistent monthly income instead of hoping users click on ads (and that those ads actually pay a decent amount per click). If your site gets enough traffic, you can make thousands per ad location.

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For me, BuySellAds has worked the best. The advantages with BuySellAds is that you don’t have to rely on getting clicks; people buy ads at a fixed rate for 30 days or pay per 1K impressions. Therefore, regardless of how many clicks you get, you still get paid a fix rate. BuySellAds also have lots of advertisers and it is much better than selling ads privately. I tried sellings ads privately but hardly get any sales but with BuySellAds, I get many sales each month. In the case that I have ads slots free, I will use Adsense backfill so Adsense appears for any unsold ads. This is only from my personal experience but I earn more from BuySellAds without backfill than Adsense by itself. However, with BuySellAds, you need at least 50K impressions to get in so they probably won’t accept new websites unless you have a history of creating successful websites (this is the criteria they state).

I tried other ad networks like Chitika, Adhitz, Adbrite but I have to say Adsense is far better than them. There is also a website called Publicity Clerks which is similar to BuySellAds. I believe they work the same way but accept website with less impressions. I never used them but they seem quite trustworthy so it may be a good place to start and then move to BuySellAds once you have enough impressions. It is a good idea to use Backfill; if adsense don’t accept you, Chitika backfill won’t be that bad.

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Good question. Since Adsense is really peanuts. I tried many different adsense alternatives and sites and none of them made me so happy. I tried couple of times with BuySellAds but my sites was rejected so i can't comment on that one, but when it comes to website monetization i have to tell you that seoclerks affiliate program made my dreams come trough, far far better then Amazon or Clickbank. You are already member here and this is good opportunity for your income beside selling own services. This affiliate program also helped me to level up and guess what, with little engagement on your blog and social media this income never stops... Writing reviews of other member's services can drive you even more money. So... Why not, Give it a try as well, even if you go with BuySellAds too

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This is a question that has comes up time and time again over the years. It's a very good question but, there simply isn't anything that can compare to Google's Adsense program. Even alternatives don't come close to it. However, here are three of what I would consider other alternatives for people who are not yet approved and joined to Adsense or wish to supplement revenue earnings by using them together.

  • 1. Amazon Associates
    Amazon is one of the worlds biggest online shopping sites so they must be doing something right. If you have a website that talks about anything that can be purchased on Amazon then AA could very well be not only a good alternative to Adsense but used in conjunction with it as many websites do. You can place dynamic image ads on your site that are related to your own products or blog posts. However they don't pay-per-click or by impression (CPM) like Adsense do but rather pay you a small commission per each sale that you make through that link. The only thing is that the commission is quite low for low level users so if someone buys something like a keyring you might only get paid a few cents for that. The biggest commissions come from selling big ticket items like laptops or other big ticket items that sell for 000's.
  • 2. Chitika
    I've been a member of Chitika for years but only used them in the early days before my sites got big and I signed up to Adsense. They are very similar to Adsense in that they serve "contextual ads" but they have a minimum payout of only $10 and can pay you by PayPal (something Adsense doesn't do). Chitika are probably the first go-to alternative to Adsense but their ads aren't always relevant to the page content. Although there are some filtering options you can set. Chitika is easy to use and can also be used alongside Adsense.
  • 3. Infolinks
    Infolinks has been around for just as long as Chitika or Adsense and are one of the biggest ad networks in the world now. They actually work with brands like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Pizza Hut, Trip Advisor and other big brands too. Their ads are contextual and engaging like banner ads to video ads and don't interfere with the users browsing experience too much. Plus their site is very easy to use and there's no setup fees or minimum requirements of visitors so anyone can pretty much join them regardless to how big their site is or how much traffic it's getting.

Of course, there are other "alternatives" out there as well. But these are three that I've used myself and can vouch for. What are the best Google Adsense alternatives?

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Yes, Adsense is very well known, BUT there are indeed a good number of alternatives. Besides there are various reasons to check out alternative ad networks. For starters Adsense rejects many sites simply for not having enough content. Basically if they feel that a site is not going to be that suitable for their advertisers it might also be rejected. As you may well know, managing to get a site approved for Google AdSense is not that easy as it once used to be when it started off. It seems to be quite easy to end up getting banned from it too. Adsense actually has a lot of rules and it is known that they monitor sites all the time. Should you go against a rule you will end up with a ban on the site and even on you as a user, as you will not be able to open another AdSense account.
Considering all this strictness I have heard of many who tried alternative ad networks such as Chitika, Adsterra, Infolinks, PopAds, Vibrant Media, and I would suggest that you try to check them out and compare what they are offering rather than simply go for Google Adsense.

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Thank you guys for every suggestion, i appreciate that .I've heard about buysellads but i've never tried it ,hope it will work . Also, the most important thing to do is to invest in my future, which is seoclerks affiliate program. What are the best Google Adsense alternatives?

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That is an idea. Use your affiliate links to SEOClerks instead of an ad program. You'll generate affiliate income for life, so long as the buyers you refer keep ordering. Possibly better than any other type of income since you could theoretically stop referring new users and still earn money (given you refer enough users who purchase).

I have one affiliate I referred years ago that still purchases to this day. I don't even have to do anything except withdraw. What are the best Google Adsense alternatives?

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Hi I think Google is the best as I seen and for passive income no one comparable with Google. Despite of I suggested some alternate below:

1. Adsterra
Adsterra is one in every of the quickest growing premium ad networks and presently serves over ten billion geo-targeted ad impression per month

2. Chitika
Chitika is an internet advertising network with over 350,000 publishers. They serve over four billion targeted ads per month.

3. Infolinks
Infolinks ad network presently serves targeted ads on over 125,000 websites. They work best on sites that contain massive amounts of text based content.

4. Clicksor
Clicksor offers publishers multiple ad formats together with clickable text and targeted discourse banner ads to be used on their sites.

5. BidVertiser
BidVertiser pays you on each clicks and conversions. this might assist you create extra money from your sites.
Text ads, banner ads, mobile ads and slider ads are offered.

6. BuySellAds
BuySellAds sells advertising area on your web site to advertisers for you.
When you submit a web site to BuySellAds for approval they give the impression of being at your PageRank, Alexa score, arriving link count and different metrics to work out your site’s overall quality. They solely settle for top quality sites.

7. Adversal
Adversal may be a nice various of Adsense. they need smart banners and also the CTR and revenue adapts to urge the most effective results for your web site.

And I am going to suggest for another alternative for seoclerks affiliate program. This should be give you satisfactory revinue.
So you can try with this one.

Thanks all

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This is also my question because all I know when it comes to monetized website is Adsense. I am also searching for an alternative but I like a similar method that Adsense employs because it is very convenient. Adsense manages the advertisements of the website that is registered with Google Adsense. For a long time now, I have not found an alternative to Adsense.

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