What do you think about the Google Search Console?

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What do you think about the Google Search Console?

The Google Search Console, previously called the Google Webmaster Tools is a very useful resource for webmasters because it gives you lots of information that can help you optimize your website. These are some of the features of the Google Search Console:

Search Traffic:
This section provides information about your traffic and backlinks. You can use this section to see which keywords gets the most clicks on Google and how many impressions they get. This is useful because you can see how well your SEO is doing and you can optimize other keywords accordingly. There is also a section for the number of backlinks linking to your website as well as internal links. Make sure you use this to track your backlinks.

Google Index:
This section shows you how many of your links are indexed on Google. This is useful to see how well your links are indexing and if something looks wrong, then it is time to act. Content Keywords is another section here and as there is a link between content keywords and keyword ranking, this section will definitely help you plan your SEO strategy.

The Crawl section gives you all the information about Google spiders. Make sure there are no crawling errors as that may negatively impact your SEO.

The Google Search Console is a free tool to get a detailed report of your website and this is definitely a very useful tool to help you dominate search engines. Do you use the Google Search Console? What do you think about it?


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I am not sure if i am doing something wrong or Google search console is not so accurate. I am using it few times per week, but i always find details different then on my hosting stats or Google analytics, specially when it comes to crawled pages and search stats. Sometime i see a lot of my links on display at Google search pages, while in Google search console is a lot smaller number, and also i can find some traffic from Google search in my analytics even when in console is zero. So i am not sure how much i should depend on these details

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One cannot simply get a site designed and that's it. There is so much more to a site's success than this, such as regularly updating it, and of course, monitoring its performance so as to take corrective action accordingly. Monitoring a website's performance in the Google search index is very important. It is a good tool in my opinion as it enables you to create as well as monitor content and also manage to maintain your site without disrupting the search performance. Any malware and spam issues can also be seen to as you will be able to monitor them and tackle them.

The Google Search Console is aimed to answer certain problems and doubts which are quite common when seeing to a site and working towards its continuous improvement. For example you can see which queries helped your site to appear in search results, and if any of them resulted in more traffic to the website than others. You can also see which sites are linking to your site, and if your mobile site is performing well when users search for it on a mobile device. So SEO specialists and marketers, site administrators, web designers, and app developers should all make use of it

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This is the first time that I have come across Google Search Console and also the first time to see that it is like a home page with menu. I think this Google search console is beneficial to new site owners especially those who are asking how their site’s link can get into the search list of Google. There is an icon to click if you want your content to be on Google. There are also other services that you can avail of.

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