What are the current SEO trends in 2016 to boost SERP?

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What are the current SEO trends in 2016 to boost SERP?

Lately i was reading a lot about some changes and new tactics and trends regarding search engine optimization and how to use it to boost my website SERP. However it's still confusing and too many different things to do QUALITY SEO. Please share your thoughts, what is working best for you to improve SERP on Google and Bing or Yahoo.

Also, how important is mobile SEO and do you get much sales from mobile users?


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Content marketing is a big thing right now. And not just any spun content, it has to be high quality and unique. Take your time to write up a good article and post it on a high PR website that has decent traffic. This way you'll get the benefit from the PR, the backlink itself, and there's a possibility you'll be getting some traffic from that website itself. You could even build a few links aimed at your post and get the article on the third party website ranked. I've done that plenty of times with my websites and they've been ranked pretty quickly and stayed on top for a while.

This does take work, and it's not easy since you have to generate a lot of quality content. But this will differentiate you from the people wanting to use software to post. You'll have the better content since it will not be spun and the readers will actually like it and possibly share it.

High quality content on a high PR website plus a tiered linking system is always a good method that helps websites get ranked. Try it out and let me know what you think.

If you're doing this yourself it could take a while. If you can afford it, I advise searching on SeoClerks and hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) and have them write up quality content, do the posting and tiered linking for you. Be sure to do your due diligence because this will be for your website and you don't want any random person just going in and screwing up your rankings forever.

Also, if you can set up a private blog network and control everything about it, that will definitely get your ranked. But that is even more work compared to the quality content on third party websites and tier linking them. It's more work because lets say you have 10 blogs, you'd have to do 10 times the content. It's very worth it, but it does take 10 times longer to do unless you can afford Virtual Assistants. You would also have to tier link these blog posts in order to rank as well.

So, in a nutshell:
- High quality content
- High PR websites
- Tiered linking
- PBNs with tiered linking if you can afford to pay for a good VA



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Razzy, thanks for your answer, but this is well known and old story to have quality and unique contents. Also you mention PR websites while PR does not exist any more. I was interested in LATEST SEO TRENDS, something new which i don't know yet What are the current SEO trends in 2016 to boost SERP?

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Anweb, PR still does exist. It's only that Google have stopped updating it publicly so we (the public) can no longer see what the PR of a website is using something like the PR Toolbar or a PR checker. However, PR is still being used by Google internally as a way to rank websites. It's just that they no longer show it to us. ;)

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Since 2015, Google seems to put a very high importance on Mobile Optimization. Therefore, it is vital that you have a mobile friendly website. The reason behind this is because more and more people are using mobile devices and tablets for online searches. In 2016, this is definitely something you will need to do to do well in rankings. I recently did some analysis for the traffic of my forum and found that 10% of my traffic came from mobile devices which is a decent amount. Fast loading speeds is also a must. The following tools are very useful for testing your website to make sure they meet the standards Search Engines require:

I also recently read articles that Social Media content will be more important on SERP and since last year, Twitter tweets are indexed by Google. Therefore, Twitter might be a good place to go to. I am personally trying to work on the social media side to help boost my rankings.

I also read that Apps are starting to influence rankings due to its high usage. Apparently App indexing will also help boost your rankings. Personally, I experienced a decline in traffic myself and I really want to know how much app indexing helps rankings. The downside is that creating an App is costly and may not be suitable for every website.

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I personally think that Social Media will become the number 1 ranking factor in the coming years as a way for Google to decide on how and where to rank a site. Looking at it's connected social profiles and how many fans/likes etc they have. How old they are, how many share/reshares the posts on those places have etc. But that would apply only to Social Media sites actually show those things. Then it would look at how many social signals your site has. How many likes or shares or tweets, +1's etc it has. And how old those social signals are, how many shares/reshares those signals have etc.

But only used in combination with other ranking factors like on-page SEO and structure as well as your off-page SEO (backlinks) how old those backlinks are, whether they're on trusted domains and whether the content on the pages of those backlinks are related to the content that your site is about.

However for now, what I know to be working 100% is backlinks. At the end of the day, it's backlinks which count. The better the backlink the better. But also backlinks that come from sites and domains that are in the same niche/industry that your site/domain is in. Of course, Google has to understand that your competitors wont want to link to you, so getting those backlinks if you get them can only really come about by having great site content that those other sites want to link to. Unless of course, you are paying for things like guest posts but or doing some kind of guest post exchange service where you write for them and publish an article on your site if they do the same for you.

So in essence, your social media count and your backlinks and what type of backlinks they are are what matters more than anything else. That is why so many people swear by guest posts because they often come about by seeking them on sites that are related to yours.

As for mobile SEO. It's extremely important these days. That is simply because more people are searching on their mobiles now than they are on desktop PC's, laptops etc. So you will want to SEO your site so that it is mobile friendly. Making sure that it looks great and loads right on every mobile screen size and browser from smartphones to tablets. Offering a different version of your site and even content for mobile/tablet users over desktop visitors/users who might be served a different version of that same content. A much more condensed version for instance. Nobody wants to read 2500 words of content on their mobile screen! So you have to take that into consideration.

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I agree with the other comments that quality content is still the number 1 element in the list of search engines. Uploading good contents on your website will qualify it to be in the list of current websites that are for evaluation by the search engine. And good contents can give the website a good ranking in the search list. Some other ways like keywords and backlinks are also potent for the SEO of the website but I will always stick with good contents as the primary element for SEO.

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