What to do if a Seller did not deliver my order.

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What to do if a Seller did not deliver my order.

I placed an Order and Seller did not deliver or respond to mutual cancel request what to do?? How can I dispute with the SEOCLERKS?
I have placed 10 order from a seller, and now he is delayed, and did not dleiver or responds to any of my requests I need your HELP!


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If a seller didn't deliver nor, respond to your sent message send support a request.  Here is the link and it is also located in the footer of the page.
Support is very quick to handle problems and bring them to a quick resolution.

FYI: Hey, it could be a glitch with the messaging system where the supplier didn't get the request(s) or messages, things happen programmatically. Once, support has the information you are in good hands and they always act quickly.  Don't worry, it's all good on this site!  I have been a member for a couple years and can't say enough about how cool everyone is here.

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