Help with "Not Started" Orders by Customers. Assistance?

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Help with "Not Started" Orders by Customers. Assistance?

Hello all! So I have an order made by a customer a few days ago. I cannot contact him at all but leave private messages. He did not even begin to leave the requirements, so there is no deadline, nor can I deliver the order. It's in the "Not Started" status. There's just money sitting there. What will happen to that money? Is there some way I can get a hold of it? Right now no one owns that money, the buyer paid it, I cannot get it, and SEOclerks doesn't own it. So what's going to happen to it?


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The money is with SEOClerks now as the buyer has already ordered the service. Let the buyer send you a message on the order update page and the order shall get activated, if not it will stay there.

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