what is the google circle?

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what is the google circle?

I am a new user of seo clerk. I am interested to know the google circle. I want to know how to buy the google circle in seoclerk. If you are a great person in seoclerk. Please inform me about the rules of buying article.thank you evry body . lot of thnks.


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google circle make it easy to share the right things with the right people, just like in real life. Now you can share some things with close friends, others with your family, and almost nothing with your boss. See every important post.


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Google circle and Google plus one both are social networking websites. Facebook and twitter became most powerful social networking websites to compete them Google develop similar social networking sites named as Google circle/ 

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Google Circles is similar to Facebook Followers or Twitter Followers
It's another social network actively used by the humanity
It's a direct competitor to Facebook and Vkontakte (a russian social networking site)

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