How to mark fake buyer??

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How to mark fake buyer??

Every times we are want to more work and when we get then we are get energy to do work but sometimes we are upset me .

sometimes we are met fake buyer . he or she give me work but after delivery the work the buyer don`t give me review . if give me review and money add me account after few days Admin cancel the work and says the buyer is a fake .

At the case admin dont lost and buyer nothing but i lost my energy, money , time which i do it for the work .


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I think you should contact about this issue to the admin.I am sure they will help you out with this kind of frauds and each time you find such buyers just create a support ticket and ask the staff about it.

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Give the buyer a negative rating and tell the reason of your negative rating in the description of the rating, it'll help prevent future sellers running into the same problem in the end. It's all about helping eachother.

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Thank You FOr the question.

if you willl get fake buyer then emadiatly contact to the support and know they willl take dicision.and dont worry about that for the fake to the suport or report as spam


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