How to transfer money from paypal to Seoclerks

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How to transfer money from paypal to Seoclerks

Hello guys ,
I am seosmart , and i dont know how to withdraw money from seo using paypal , actually what is paypal and what is the requirement to create paypal account and how many days it will take , and how much percentage they will take for our transactions, let me know.
Thank you.


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      It,s a simple process to windrow money to your paypal account.At first you need to to go setting then you need to add your paypal account email then you need to click update.After update you need to go your balance after going there you need to click windrow money.
By following this process you can easily Woodrow  your money simply.

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It is  sample process>>
please go to setting and add paypal account and update now
 after update go to withdraw money and choose paypal option and go next process it's done, 
without fee you received money===!!!!

Thank you 

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SEOClerks provides 4 different withdraw methods. The first and most popular is PayPal. It is free to create a PayPal account and then you can chose it as an option to withdraw your money with. It might not be available for you depending on your country though or just not an option. In which case there is always Payoneer which is similar ish to PayPal but free also and then there's Payza but they charge 3%.

There's also Moneygram or WU as a withdraw method but you'll have to contact support about that as they're handled manually by the staff and you may have to verify your identity and physical address with SEOClerks first before they do it for you and you'll have to pay the fee too.

Check out a helpful faq with pictures that shows what withdraw methods SEOClerks has and how to use each to cash out with.

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