How to prevent from getting Adsense Account Blocked?

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How to prevent from getting Adsense Account Blocked?

I am interested in participating in Adsense but I keep reading stories about people who had large sums of money hundreds and even thousands of dollars and when it comes time for Google to cut them a check they block their account without giving just cause. Is this isolated to people doing Blackhat stuff or is it a ploy used by Google to stiff the little guy?


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There's very little chance that an ordinary blogger or webmaster will ever run into this issue, if only because Adsense pays so little. However, if you have a very high traffic blog or site and are getting substantial daily visitors, there is a risk of this type of situation. If you notice abnormal click activity on your Adsense panel, you need to report it right away so as to disassociate yourself with any wrong doing. There are bad people in the world that will engage in click-bombing and if you end up as the victim of that practice, you are likely going to lose your Adsense account/earnings over it.

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