What is proper way of improving alexa ranking?

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What is proper way of improving alexa ranking?

Hello, How i improve Alexa ranking for my website, how i get in under 1 Lac Alexa ranking. Please specify me a proper way or techniques or tips / tricks for improving my website. Please don't suggest to buy me any gigs or services. I need only technique to improve ranking.


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Hi SEO365,

The only properly way is simply driving more traffic to your website and hoping that a good amount of them will have the Alexa toolbar installed.


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Alexa ranking increases from those visitors coming to your site that have alexa toolbar installed in their PC. You yourself can be one permanent and regular visitor of your site. Promote your website in Facebook but only in those groups or pages that include the alexa users. There are some sites such as alexaboostup that can help you to raise your alexa rank but I suggest not to use those sites because these sites will also increase your bounce rate which is a bad news.

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From what I know, the Alexa ranking is mainly based on the traffic of your website. And I agree that the only way of improving the ranking of your website in Alexa is to get more traffic to your website. You can perhaps do a marketing campaign to expose your website to social media, forums, and blogs that are popularly read. The traffic that you will get from those promotional campaign will help your website increase its ranking in the Alexa list.

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There are several way to improve your alexa ranking.
1.Optimized your website for the search engine.
2.Write original and unique content for your website.
3.Make a site map for your website and submit it in google.
4.Submit your site map in main search engines- google,yahoo,MSN and others.
5.Submit your site any other popular forum.
 If you follow this step you get many visitor and you can improve your ALEXA.

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Im not really a big fan of ALEXA so , but what I can tell you is if you are looking to rank high in the search enginess you should try to improve your social media  and backlinks this will help you get more visits and traffic , I also suggest you to do some internal SEO.

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Alexa is a very flawed and biased metric. It is basically calculated based upon how many visitors visit your site who have their Alexa toolbar installed. Now how many people do you know that have that toolbar installed? But if you're really concerned about boosting your Alexa, just install the toolbar yourself - and also you can join "alexa traffic generating networks" that have members with the toolbar installed to send traffic to your site and boost your Alexa.

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