Why i am getting all orders from members?

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Why i am getting all orders from members?

I checked now a days so many orders are cancelling my admin due to fraud buyers but i notice all my orders are coming from new members only like nov 10 2013 account created.
why this is happening. should i cancel orders from new members. I must be alert on new members order because i don not want i loose my money and account


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The possible reason can be that someone is spamming SEOClerks by using Free $5 coupon code. When Admin find this they disable account and cancel order (i guess).

I know that there are many affiliates who are providing free $5 coupon to new members who signup under them. Every now and them some spammer comes and try to cheat by create multiple new accounts.

This is my theory. Please contact Jordan/Support to know the real reason.

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If you have any $2 Services that may be the reason, many new users like to claim the $2 from the Free Money promo and use that on a $2 Service or even 2x $1 Services.

It could also be a lot of other reasons but that is one that comes to mind. If you're seriously worried about an order you can always contact staff to have them check it out but generally there's no need to worry.


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