How to use paypal micropayments??

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How to use paypal micropayments??

Paypal may be the convenient way to give and receive money online, but every transaction comes with a fee. If you’re dealing with significant amounts of money, then those fees may be disliked. However, all business payment have fixed fee 0.30+5%

Please help me get to micro payments for my small business.


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Pay Pal's micropayments price is 5% + $.05 and is designed for merchants who process low-value transactions (typically under 10 bucks in value). The micropayments rate is available to all merchants and in all countries where Business accounts are available. If you sign up for micropayments, you will be charged the micropayments rate on all transactions regardless of payment size.

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i saw this
Micropayments is a payment option that is NEW and offered by Pp for merchants who sell EBOOKS and other DIGITAL ITEMS that usually sell for average prices of LESS THEN $2.00 Micropayments pricing is designed for transactions under $2.00 USD. The fees are 5%+ $0.05 USDper transaction. Micropayments are currently available to merchants with Verified Business/Premier accounts who receive U.S. to U.S. transactions, U.K. to U.K. transactions or EU to EU transactions. Merchants can learn more about micropayments pricing by contacting Pp

So Basically instead of paying $0.34 for every digital item transaction that goes through CAN NOW ONLY PAY $0.05 per transaction.

plz give me working apply link

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