Can We Convert A Wordpress Blog to A User Based Article Website?

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Can We Convert A Wordpress Blog to A User Based Article Website?

I am creating an authority website with a really enormous niche that is highly expandable. I am starting off with a wordpress blog and I already started posting to it. I will add a plethora of articles to it in the coming days. But I was thinking is there a way to convert the blog to a user based article website after it gains popularity and keep all the articles I've posted to it with the same URLS so they don't lose the ranking?

By user based I mean a website where users get to post there own articles to. The reason for this is that I want my website to start growing on it's own after it receives fair amount of organic traffic and popularity. Then my job becomes approving the good articles or moderate them and deny/delete the bad ones.

I would appreciate if any of you answers this question.



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I have not done this yet, however, as far as I know, this can be done. You can do this through two ways.
Add some plugins that will people to create accounts on your website and publish contents, by content I mean articles and not comments.
You can also create a multi-site and allow users to have their own individual sites.

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