Question on my link pyramids ?

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Question on my link pyramids ?

Question on my link pyramids ?
My 1st tier is 10 web 2.0 properties. For my 2nd tier I'm thinking of 30 High PR social bookmarks. Do I need to make different accounts for each bookmark I make? cause that would end up making 10x30 accounts. Can I just bookmark all 10 properties on the same account?


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Hi seolady, you can yes, but you wouldn't want to bookmark them only and all at the same time! That would get you seen as a solo-self-promoter and nobody likes a solo-self-promoter! However... if you bookmarked other stuff to those same high authority bookmarking sites like things that aren't what your web 2.0's about and things that aren't commercial in nature from time to time and then randomly submitted your web 2.0 links to them in and amongst all the other stuff that you have bookmarked that would slide and be fine. You would be able to get away with that because you're not submitting just stuff that is about the same thing all the time and is commercial in nature.

A good tip is when creating an account on a social bookmarking site, only submit things that are non-commercial in nature first of all like a funny cat video or some interesting article on the human mind or something like that, stuff that isn't really connected to what your interested in or what your web 2's are about. Then after a while, slip your web 2's in randomly amongst them every now and then. This way, you wont get so easily seen as a solo-self-promoter that is only using that site for the purpose of trying to drive traffic to your site.

Social bookmarking sites don't like people doing that as that's not what social bookmarking sites are about. They are about being a place where you can share things you find interesting online that you want to save to your public social bookmarking account so that you can visit them again yourself later on instead of using your browsers bookmarks which can soon get full up with hundreds of bookmarks. They aren't about being a place where you can promote your own websites links. But you can use them for that. But for the really big social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, SU, Plurk, Scoop, Slashdot etc etc, you will have to use them much more stealthily otherwise they may end up removing your links or your account altogether.

Other the years of doing SEO and freelance work, I've registered many different accounts on many of the top social bookmarking sites. At any time I can log into around 10-20 different accounts on any of the top 10 social bookmarking sites and each of them are very old and established accounts that have submitted many different things, websites, videos etc etc. Because of this, I can submit my own sites to them and they don't look like I'm using them just to promote my own sites only.

So yes, you can bookmark all your web 2's to each account, but don't do it all at once and do it slowly by bookmarking other stuff to it that isn't at all commercial in anyway just family friendly stuff, funny stuff, boring stuff, even stuff other people have bookmarked as well. Then that way you will have a much better chance of your links sticking and sticking around for years!

By the way, you can also hire a freelancer to do this for you. Many of them will have aged, old social bookmarking sites they can submit your links to as well as you can find social bookmarking services of all kinds. But only go for the ones that do it manually to the top 10 or top 20 social bookmarking sites and stay away from those mass bookmarking site submission services they're probably end up doing more harm than good! Think quality quality quality, work hard and this can pay off in the long run!  Question on  my link pyramids ?

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