What is an Anchor text?

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What is an Anchor text?

What is an anchor text and for what?


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< a href=""> anchor text < /a>

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Anchor text is a way to place a link into an article or blog post and create yet another path back to your website.

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The anchor text is the text you use in a hyperlinked (clickable) link. So if you wanted to link to the SEOClerks homepage using the keywords "SEO" you would use something like;

<a href="">SEO</a>

And that would create a link like this: SEO. It's pretty self explanatory really but that is what anchor text is and is meant by anchor text. It's the text that the link is anchored to and using as the clickable part that the person reading a web page can click on making it much prettier rather than just using a URL.

<a href=""></a>

Which would create a link like this

Which is fine in some cases, but in others using the text is much more appropriate and acceptable.

Good SEO is knowing when to use words or URLs as your link anchor text. You want to have a good mix of both word and URL anchored links to your site. Building only anchor text links using the same keywords all the time is bad SEO and can backfire on you in time. For that reason, always build a healthy mix of different types of links to your site. Both word anchored and link anchored using the examples above.

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This is also not clear to me although I have come across Anchor Text in some discussions but I did not read it very well. With the comments above it looks like the anchor text is like an icon that contains a link although instead of an icon or image the anchor text contains text in words or phrases that it clickable by the user. I have been seeing many forums with that kind of link and I think it is convenient for the user.

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