What are cash incentive offers?

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What are cash incentive offers?

What are cash incentive? offers? I am really in need to figure out, are they redeemable offer? "need to pay" offers or free offers? I have seen it and read it multiple times but no luck whatsoever understanding, thank you for your help, hope someone can explain to me this, I tried google, bing yahoo, nothing, please EXPLAIN!!!
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Cash incentive offers are just that, an incentive to get cash somehow. Banks for example, usually have cash incentive offers if you switch to them and will give you $50 or something if you switch your current account over to them. Some are more generous than others. I know there are some people that actually search them out and compare them, then switch to them just to get the money. However, they usually say that you have to stay with them for a certain period of time so you can't just switch to another bank and get another cash offer from someone else. They also usually have small print that goes on to say that you have to be with them for 6 months minimum first and then they give it to you. That's usually only for the cheaper banks though, most big banks will give it to you upon switching but they usually get that back from you in a different way plus extra on top of the course of your accounts life with them. But this is banking 101 and it's how they make money.

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