What are some good rewards and incentives to offer your followers?

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What are some good rewards and incentives to offer your followers?

You know, you can spend a lot of time on getting new followers for your social media pages that you can forget about your current followers and keeping them happy. They first followed you because they like your brand or product. And when it comes to keeping them as followers, it's not always all about just posting your new blog posts or giving them a discount coupon code they can use on your products or services. Sometimes it's just about rewarding them and keeping them happy with freebies and other incentives of some kind. Letting them know that you reward their loyalty.

Check this out - From 25-40% of total business revenue is from returning customers. Those businesses that have 40% more sales than those with only 10% of repeat sales generate up to 50% more revenue. It means half of your businesses revenue will be from your repeat buyers. So it's important to keep them happy and stringed along. Whether that's with a simple joke meme or a free download or subscription or something.

But how to know what sorts of things your followers would like?

There are a number of ways, and each business will have it's own unique thing those followers are interested in so it would likely be something to do with that. But if you really want to get into their heads, here's some things to think about and look for so you can know what sort of things to post for your current followers to keep them happy.

  1. Check their profile for ideas
    Check your follower timelines of posts and stuff they've posted to their profile and see if there's any books or films or games and people and stuff they like and talk about.
  2. Check their profile photos
    Loot through your followers photos on their profile and see if there's any that have any hobbies or activities they're engaging in as it may give you an idea of what they may be into that you can post about.
  3. Check their conversations
    Check out any conversations they've had with your other followers and see what topics they're discussing to know what sort of things they know and care about.

Your fans are interested in you and what you do, so it's only right and fair you're interested in them and what they do too. So check out their social profiles to see what they're passionate about to post something you'll know that they love. By doing this they'll see it and definitely respond to and engage with it and share and talk about it on their other social pages and profiles with their friends or anyone else that cares.

Also embed any posts that your fans have made or shared about your page or any of its posts or products on your site if they have said something good about it onto your page. This puts them directly in the spotlight and shows that you truly appreciate them talking about and mentioning them. Once people see you doing this, they'll be more likely to prioritize your brand when they post about it on their social media pages and also become lifelong followers and clients at the same time.

Do you care about your current followers and clients more than you do just getting new ones and what ways do you keep your current followers happy?

What other sorts of offers, rewards or incentives can you post to show you value their loyalty?


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I have services that I sell to webmasters and people trying to get into websites so my followers are already paying me or could potentially become clients of mine in the future. So what I do sometimes is offer a discount through a certain link or I'll give out some coupons which will entice them to come in and purchase. If someone is on the fence, this is a great way to turn them into a buyer What are some good rewards and incentives to offer your followers? They may think your service prices are a bit too much, but when they see the discount code or link for a discount, they're more willing to buy and become a long term client.

Another great way, if you can afford it, is to do an ipad giveaway. Giving away an ipad to your followers is great, but pricey. Even if you were to raffle off just one ipad you're looking to spend at least $300 on a good ipad. You may be able to get a refurbished one, but if it breaks after you send it to your follower, it won't end well since they'll see it as you don't think they're worth a new ipad. Now you can most likely get a lower quality one, possibly a samsung or other brand, but when someone sees "ipad raffle" you'll get more interest compared to "samsung tablet raffle" lol What are some good rewards and incentives to offer your followers?

Or if you really want to go cheap, you can send out something like a participation ribbon What are some good rewards and incentives to offer your followers? This is more a slap in the face though since no one wants a participation ribbon What are some good rewards and incentives to offer your followers?

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Some of my friends with online business tell me that they spend a lot during the Christmas season because that is the period where you rewared your customers. In the offline business, salesmen would be making rounds of their clients with gifts at hand to foster goodwill and strengthen their connections. In the online business, that is the same although not exactly. When a client makes an order, the delivery of the order comes with something extra for the giveaway. And that usually makes the client or customer happy.

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