Why was my theme deleted?

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Why was my theme deleted?

I'm new here, as you people can see, and I created a gig to sell a wordpress theme for $10. It was active a few hours ago and all of a sudden when I checked again a few mins ago, it was GONE!

I checked my email, nothing. My inbox, nothing. There's no explanation or notification. What happened? How can I know?? And YES, I designed and coded the theme MYSELF, it's mine, so what's the deal??? Who can I contact? I'm clueless here, pls help!


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It didn't get removed, maybe just disappear from the shown list?
Its happens normally when many users creates a new services on the same category.

Its how it goes man get used to it ^^

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just check it on "my service" sections. go to seller - my service. if your theme that you sell still there, then your service listing are move down. its normal when new service come, old service move down. if you want your service up, you can bump it.

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the main reason can be a copyright issue. if you don't own what you sell, you will get rejected or even get banned for not following community guidelines. try to sell your own stuff.

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