about a site hit by Penguin 2.0 ?

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about a site hit by Penguin 2.0 ?

So I'm pretty sure one of my sites was hit by Penguin 2.0, as I've lost all of my keywords and traffic is obviously way down. I never really tired to sort it out as I thought I'd just wait and see what everyone else did. So I moved onto ranking YouTube videos. Anyway, my question is:

If I post a new article on the site targeting another keyword in the niche and try to rank it, will the fact that my other pages have been hit hurt my ranking ability for that one page?

Thanks for any advice you guys can give me.


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If your whole domain is hit by penguin then you will not be able to rank your new page using backlinks, but if only one of your page is hit by penguin then you can go ahead and keep building backlinks for your new article. If main domain is penalized then you must clean up your site to remove that penalty which is a tedious work...

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