How to Get Affiliates and Make Passive Money Online: THE BEST METHOD

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How to Get Affiliates and Make Passive Money Online: THE BEST METHOD

Aside seoclerks offering a platform for freelancers to sell their services online, it also provides an opportunity to earn money online through its affiliate platform.
In seoclerks affiliate platform, you(either as a seller or buyer) are simply entitled to an affiliate link which you can earn passive income(that is earning money without doing anything).

So, how do you earn affiliate income?

You have to promote your affiliate link across the internet space(social media, blogs, online forums etc.). Right? This is exactly the widespread and commonest ways that every blog says. 

But guess what? 

These methods, though they work, but are becoming over-utilized and saturated. 

So, i want to introduce you to a METHOD that not many persons utilize and you can use it to gain lots of affiliates. 

THE METHOD: Be Valuable 

What do i mean?

Visit places where you suspect your audience might be, scan these places, looking out for major problems they are facing and proffer useful advice, answers and solutions to their questions everyday. Its as simple as ABC. 

But here is the trick: don't begin posting your affiliate link straightaway. simply be active and respond to questions with valuable answers for some time(say, about 2-3 months). As you do this, you will get noticed by everyone gradually and as you continue, they will look up to you for answers to their problems. Then, after about 2 months or so, you can recommending your affiliate link alongside your answers to thier worries. 

Now, as you do all these, you build authority for yourself and your audience will see you as the go-to for solutions to thier problems. 
Build connections, relationships and trust with your audience, and when they’re ready to buy something, they will come and buy from you using your affiliate link and you earn affiliate commission. 

There are several affiliate marketers who has used this method to generate affiliate earnings for themselves.  

Below is an example of someone(a lady) who used this method on Facebook to generate over $5000 within a month: See what she person said below while narrating her success story;

How to Get Affiliates and Make Passive Money Online: THE BEST METHOD

And as you can see below, she secured over $5000 in sales by launching her offer.

How to Get Affiliates and Make Passive Money Online: THE BEST METHOD

So, what else are you waiting for?

You can begin leveraging this method to make money using seoclerks affiliate link to promote high quality gigs and services offered here on seoclerks. 

Thanks for your time and understanding.

Any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. 

Chetaseo.(Seoclerks Level 3 Seller)


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This is Affiliate Marketing 101: Find a problem people have and offer a solution to the problem. All the successful marketers do it because it works. However, this is all easier said than done, as we both know well.

Offering "How To....?" guides is huge business. Rebranding PLR, reselling all works....but most people are lazy and not willing to put in the effort it takes to succeed.For SC it works better if you give away something and then offer your own SC affiliate link inside the package to a relevant service or product. It takes trial & error to get right, but so does everything in affiliate marketing.

Also, none of this is actually "passive", as you need to continually post content all the time.

Good luck! How to Get Affiliates and Make Passive Money Online: THE BEST METHOD

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