How does the instant download works?

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How does the instant download works?

I would like to clarify something before i start using the instant download feature since i've just reached level 2. I want to ask if how would it work when for example im selling accounts, like what im selling now, addmefast accounts, let's say i have 2 accounts available, and im selling 1 account for 5$, now on that service, i would mark the instant download option then ill attached the 2 text files( the accounts seperated on each text ) now my question is when someone bought my service, and he/she only bought 1 pc of that, would she get both the 2 files? or just 1 file?


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The buyer will receive what ever files you attached to the instant download. Anyone who buys the service will be able to instantly download the .TXT file.

My suggestion since you're selling AMF accounts, do not use instant delivery, use manual delivery.

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