Payment Method Issues For African Freelancers

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Payment Method Issues For African Freelancers

Good Day Dear Admin, 
I wish to write you and seek the inclusion of EASY AND HASSLE FREE payments methods for African Freelancers. 

Apparently speaking, I have observed that almost all other continents have had their needs meet in terms of payment method. Paypal, Authorize, Stripe, Skrill, Airtm (and more) for USA, UK, CA and AU 

Razor Payment for Indian Workers 
Coingate and other BTC gateway for all the above as well. 

Sadly enough, its only NOWPAYMENTS that is friendly, smooth and working well. 

All others are giving us sad experience. For a payment like Airtm, they block someone EASILY (and with pride) telling you that they have no write to tell you why your account is blocked. 
All of the  CRYPTO gateway (other than NOWPAYMENTS) ll tell you that you are from BLOCKED REGION. 

SKRILL, Stripe and Razor etc are not available for us. 

My sincere plead is that, the Admin should INTEGRATE payment methods that suit African people because the issues has been causing avock on the smooth transactions of business. 

Please take a look at this and act ASAP. 

Atoyebi Kayode Peter 


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Im not african but I think all of Africa should have the same perks as everyone else! Please look into this!

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Payment Issues For Every Country Not For African I Hope One-day Everything Will Be All Right

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Sure, but positive steps need to be taken so as to ensure the expected results

Thats why I'm pleading on them.

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Yes, I agree that the administrator should add payment methods convenient for Africans, the same payment methods as for any other person. I hope it will be convenient for you as soon as possible. I am at the beginning of the road to freelancing, and I have no problems with the payment method here. I am even satisfied. I hope everything will be just as good as always. I'm going to incorporate myself. After reading all the benefits of this process on, I said I would do it. But you? Have you incorporated yourself?

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