New rule made by seoclerks?

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New rule made by seoclerks?

So all of my services are below $5, and have been for a long while now. I just tried updating my $3 service and it turns out SEOClerks made it so level 1 users can not make a service now below $5

Why is this, and when did they employment this?


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This update happened several days ago. The problem which lead to this restriction was level 1 buyers abusing the system by lowering services to $1 and ordering from themselves multiple times with fake accounts. This then led to false positives, bad sellers leveling up (who should not have leveled up), helpdesks, fraudulent behavior, etc. 

Because of this, we now discourage duplicate accounts where previously we allowed this. 

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I belibe that they implied this rule just last December 29. And yes, all Level 1 sellers are now not allowed to sell gigs that are worth below $5.

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Okay, thank you to you both. I am about to make my first $15 deposit, so I should be level 2 here soon.

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