What are the best type selling sites in flippa?

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What are the best type selling sites in flippa?

I thought about reselling website but what are the best selling type sites like amazon, clones etc?


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The best sites to be sold in Flippa are adsense sites, sites with earnings, sites with high pr and aged, sites that has great concept.  Amazons Aff sites and Clones also sold well but not that high price if it has no earnings.

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Two types of websites that seem to always have a lot of bids and activity are Adsense sites and autoblogs. I can understand the popularity of Adsense sites but not autoblogs, other than people generally being lazy and not wanting to bother to add unique content to their blogs. Personally, I look for unique content when thinking about buying a blog from somewhere else. That’s a minimum requirement for me.

In addition to having no unique content, autoblogs can come with some built in problems. They are obviously scraping other people’s articles and possibly other people’s copyrighted photos, so the potential for a lawsuit or at least a cease and desist are high.

Then there’s the Google Panda thing … Autoblogs aren’t high on Google’s list of what it considers to be relevant and many are getting deindexed from Google or are disappearing so far down in the serps that they might as well be deindexed. All in all, if you’re browsing Flippa for sites to buy, I’d avoid autoblogs.

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I think two type of sites sell well. Right now Amazon is hot and controls three quarter of online sales. If you can build an amazon niche site, that gets good sales I think you are good to go. Also a niche related site that is in a unique niche that makes your site an authority in that area is bound to do well. Especially if the sales are really high. I would stay away from sites that are in common niches, like fashion, those are less likely to do well unless you can find a unique angles.

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The sites that make money are best type of selling site. Any site will sell but it needs to generate money. More money your site generates, higher price it will receive. Your site should be making money constantly in the past 12 months in order to sell with higher price tag. Site age also matters when it comes to sell on Flippa.

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