Want to earn money online? Build your email subscriber list. Here's why.

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Want to earn money online? Build your email subscriber list. Here's why.

I think email marketing is vital to working online.

I mean think about it, if you have a website and someone arrives on it today perhaps through organic search or maybe clicking through from a social network right? What is going to bring that visitor back tomorrow?

There is absolutely nothing to bring them back, yes maybe they liked your Facebook page or followed you on Twitter, but they could so easily miss that update with all the content being shared on social media.

If they came to your website via organic search there is really nothing to bring them back other than the quality of your website and let's get real here, there are loads of websites out there that are amazing so you will have to be really incredible.

But if you get that person's email address you can being them back to your website over and over again. Maybe they won't buy from you, but you have a way to keep connecting with that person.

On top of that email requires action, so no matter what happens your subscriber must do something with your email. They must delete it, move it to a folder, reply to it or perhaps even mark it as spam.

An email gets sent out and it sits there in your subscribers inbox until they do something with it. This is a very different case with social media, where if your follower is not online at that exact moment chances are he will never see that message!

Another bonus is that a list of subscribers is yours and only yours. What if Facebook suddenly went back, along with your 10 000 fans? Well then they are gone right... not so with a list.


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Yes, if it were not for Internet marketing, I would never have found out one site with reviews and so I would have played without much pleasure, so now I can find the club I am interested in, see all the information about it and play with maximum comfort.

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