Anyone can help me?

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Anyone can help me?

How can I get more the best ways to orders my services? I have already created 4 services but didn't get an order.


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Boost the services daily 2 times, morning & night,

Follow best sellers profile, how they draw attention. But create your own unique-style services.

& Have some patience.

Hope you'll get your first order soon...

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Keeping in mind that you are advertising your services in a very competitive category, link building
Most buyers will see the category featured services before yours and the sale will go to those sellers at the top of cateogory.

For that reason, you should choose a less competitive category, preferably one with few category features.

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Please helps me

I had five services, I was working well, all services were extra. But yesterday all four of my services were suddenly deleted. Did I do anything wrong? Can anyone help me? Why my service has been deleted. I would be much better off if someone helped me.
Thank you.

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