What are your tips for staying mentally healthy?

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What are your tips for staying mentally healthy?

This year has been tough for a lot of people, massive quarantine, illness, deaths, loss of loved ones. And through it all, those of us who have survived, must get up every day and carry on as if no problems.

That's easier said than done when you're told to stay home and keep your distance from friends and family.

It's hard being cooped up all day, especially during mandated quarantine. Like a lot of us here, I work at home, so making that transition wasn't so difficult as someone who works outside the house.

My technique for staying mentally healthy in quarantine is to just stay busy. I like to get outside daily to tend my yard. Now that winter weather is encroaching, I have less to do in my garden. Just being outside makes my brain feel normal. If I can't go outside, I like to put puzzles together. This small activity requires me to focus on something other than bad news. That's another thing, I don't usually turn on the news. It's just all bad these days. Who knows what the psychological and mental fall out will be on our society, everyone staying in doors. It's not a normal state.

Tell me how you're staying healthy in mind and body during quarantine and making sure you don't get sick.


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In a very short way of discussion...

This is the biggest subject as it has no justification still I can say no one on this earth can survive without oxygen plus other elements, therefore you need everyone's support.

From my heart, heartily condolences and sympathy to all those who have lost their dear and near ones.

Some die due to shivering in cold and some die due to hunger or even unknown cancer or even which do not have proper medication/vacinaction. So I can say this is not a new thing especially on Planet Earth.

The best option is to stay mentally healthy is to consult the best therapist or act; prevention is better than cure.

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There's an old phrase, "Don't sweat the small stuff", even a popular book by that name. Just remember most things are small stuff, not worth worrying about.

Another thing don't get involved in other people's business. You can't control what other people are doing, what's happening to them or how they live their lives.

Sure you can spend your days and nights glued to the TV absorbing all the bad news and living in a constant fear state. Just think what bad effect that's having on your health.

The best thing to do is to focus on the positive things in your own life. Micro-manage your own existence, rather than worrying about or crying over the plight of humanity.

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