From third Google result to the first.

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From third Google result to the first.

I have an Arabic website I need someone move the website from the third result to the first but with Guarantee.
The website has high DR,Pa,Da score Already. And I am a developer so I can change in the website anytime.
I need someone I pay him monthly payment but he Guarantee the first result in cretin keyword.
My website was the first result. But now fixed in the third one.
Please tell me if you can and I will pay you as monthly to keep it in the first result. And after that we will add more keywords and more fees.
How much you will take monthly and Guarantee the first result.


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sir i will rank your website higher on search engines SEO for $79 (monthly)

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hello sir,
Your website will be 100% fast page i am interested to work with you I will take 100$ to work for one month order me sir

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I have brought my website to Google Fast Page click now i can do work 100% guarantee don't worry sir

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I am sorry this is your name in the first result. I did my name in the first result. No one has your name.
Good luck.

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Bro Please Contact Me I Provide You Any Kind Of Service

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Hello Sir,
I will rank your website search engines SEO for $50

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Hello sir, i will rank your website higher on search engines SEO for $70 (monthly) 0

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hello sir,
Your website will be 100% fast page i am interested to work with you I will take 95$ to work for one month. I can do work 100% guarantee don't worry sir.. order me sir.....

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Send your URL And Keyword. I will check first .

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I have a very good knowledge of how the search engines work. Moreover, I always indulge in an in-depth industry research before working on the optimization of a website (in this case, your website). This allows me to have a better insight about the competitive advantage of your website when compared to the others. I’ll take a deep look at the keywords that your competitors are targeting. Additionally, I would also investigate each keyword of your competitors for determining how and which keyword are they using to get the highest amount of traffic. Furthermore, I will analyze the information which comes from thorough research, some of which are mentioned in the following:

  • Best Targeted Keywords

  • Link Sources

  • URL Popularity

  • Traffic Source

I would utilize optimum SEO strategies by analyzing the slightly different algorithms of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. I will put all efforts for researching the niche directories, websites, blogs, social networks and keywords to connect your website to such forums. This would eventually help your website to go ahead from the others and rank at the top on the search engines, respectively. After the in-depth research about your website and analyzing the targeted market for your business to prevail, I will also execute effective online marketing campaigns by targeting the local markets as your requirements on a required basis.

Plan and Steps we will be Following -

Website Analysis and Evaluating Competitors Progress.

Step 1 - Website Research Audit/Analysis - This is very first part where we will research and analyze the website in detail and depth, we will check the Website Status as per Google Webmaster guidelines and will check where website is lacking! What are the current issues! What fixes to be done! What Business is all about and What the target market is, will check all and make a report accordingly to send you to see, yes these are very important part of site to work on before we start our further ongoing promotional marketing.

Estimation - 1-2 hrs

Step 2 - Competition Analysis : There are many factors that help us to understand your competition's SEO bench marking. Competition Analysis will help us understand that what competitors are doing, what keywords they are on top with, what keywords they are using, what techniques they are using in their marketing campaigns, how many back links they have and how strong they are on social media etc. Analyzing all these would help us drafting the strategic marketing plan accordingly on monthly basis.

Estimation - 1-2 hrs

Step 3 - Keywords Research: This is the step where I will be researching the Keywords for the website to rank and optimize with. Approach would be for to find out is, finding the high relevant search-able keywords, as our website is keywords would be researched according to our services we provide and with in our targeted regions, more, I will also search according to Search Terms used by users to see the similar results on Google, these all type of keywords would give us enough keywords list to choose the best from.

Estimation - 1-2 hrs

Step 4 - ON Site | Off Site | Social Media Optimization

4.1 ON Site Optimization: This is the part where we make the website complete SEO friendly as per Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster guidelines for all types of websites. After done with a quick analysis, yes there are lot of important On Site SEO factors which needs to be addressed and to have to work on, such as Meta tags, Image tags, Content optimization, Heading tags, Bold tags etc. in order to make the website 100% search engine friendly. The entire On Site optimization will be done on the basis of our final selected keywords. For the services like your website having, yes this is very important to keep a check time to time to make sure that yes we would be up to mark how Google marketing guidelines recommend the websites to be.After the Analysis of the website, yes On Site is partially done so far and I have to do it make it ready for Google Initial SEO and Indexing purpose.

ON Site Checklist to work on -

1. Meta Titles Tags Optimization

2. Meta Description Tags Optimization "According to the Page content"

3. Meta Keywords Tags Optimization

4. XML Sitemap Optimization

5. Google and Bing Webmaster Optimization

6. Google Analytics Optimization

7. Funnel and Goals Setup Optimization

8. NAP Meta’s Optimization

9. Business Listing Optimization

10. Header Tags Optimization

11. URL Optimization

12. Bold and Italic Tags Optimization

13. HTML Code Optimization

14. Non Index-able Attributes Optimization

15. Robots Optimization

16. Rich Snippets Optimization

17. Image Alt Tag Optimization

18. Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization(Main pages)I

19. Internal Navigation /Linking Structure Optimization

20. External Links Optimization

21. Broken Links Optimization

22. Page Content Optimization

23. Canonicalization Optimization

24. 404 and 302 Pages Error Check and Optimization

25. Browser Compatibility Optimization

26. Website Speed Optimization

These all above checks will be done to make sure everything is set and fine as per Webmaster Guidelines and keeping check on every month is what which will be done on priority basis to make sure that everything is good as per Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Estimation - 15-20 hrs (1 Time)

4.2 Off Site Optimization :

Off-site optimization - Is the process of promoting the website across the web. The purpose is to build brand awareness, improve rankings in search engines and attract visitors from 3rd party websites. I’ll be working on Keywords Promotion and Optimization, I'll create quality back links from relevant sites and blogs. Will do the marketing of our Targeted Location Services based Keywords on high PA and DA websites, plus I’ll keep posting the Quality Optimized Content on relevant niche SITES, BLOGS, FORUMS, QUORA ANSWERS by posting Articles, Blog Posts and Press Release Articles. I will work on quality building the quality backlinks, because having the links from good domain and high authority website would always help us to get the improved organic rankings.

Plan for Off Site Optimization techniques would be -

  • High PD/DA Social Bookmarking (Only Top most)

  • High PR Directory Submissions (Only Top most)

  • Article Marketing on Top DA sites.

  • InfoGraphic Creations and Posting

  • Video Promotion and Marketing

  • Business Listing Citation Optimization

  • Blog Posting on Top DA sites

  • Press Release Writing & Marketing (If you’ll provide us)

  • Link Building by Outreach.

  • Customer Reviews and Management

  • Influence Marketing

  • Document Sharing, Image Sharing

Estimation – 15-20hrs/week. Rest is on you that for how long hrs/week you’d hire me.

Reporting -

Weekly and Monthly Ranking Report with Analytics Status

In this report, you will be able to see your current Keyword’s Ranking status and latest Traffic stats on Google search engine. This brief and concise report will be sent on monthly basis to help you to document your website progress.

Reporting will be FREE.

What I need -

  • Website Admin Access

  • Website CPanel Access

  • Google Webmaster Access

  • Bing Webmaster Access

  • Google Analytic Access

  • Google Business Manager Access

  • Other I need -

  • Logo, prefer PNG

  • Business Address

  • Business Phone No.

  • Business Email Address

  • Contact Person Name and Email

  • Customer Support No. and Email.

  • Office Images, Photographs etc.

  • I will be available on Skype and Email where I will keep supporting you. I am quick in response, so yes communication won’t be the issue at all

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Are you able to good paid for this project I can Guarantee Google's first page Top 5 Position. My monthly minimum price 400$. Guarantee in next three-month top position in google. I am doing work only quality client.

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Hello sir, i will rank your website higher on search engines SEO for $200 (monthly)

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yes results will be 100%, but it's take time specially if your website on third page as well language is arabic, can you please show me keywords list and web url?


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