My Service are Removed After Approval

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My Service are Removed After Approval

Hello Everybody,
I am Very Tired to Creating New Services. Before 30 Days I have 15+ Services but SeoClerks  Admin Removed My 12 Services in 1 Days. Basically, I am a Social Media Marketer so I can Create YouTube and Music Promotion Service but They Remove Again and Again even They Remove My Custom Service. When I Contact then They Firstly Said  You get a Rejection Reason Via Email but They Didn't Send Any Email. I Told Him Again and Again What is My Mistake but They Didn't Clear this For me.

They Always give me Reason Duplicate Service By Same Seller But Still I don't Understand what is My mistake. Please Give me Yours Opinion About My Problem IF Anyone Face This Problem and I also Request on Admin Beverly Please Clear This Issue For Me Because I want to Create YouTube and Music Promotion Service.

Best Regards         


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Mistakes Mostly You Are Using Copyright Images I Think Also You Can Check Reason In Email In Details Fix This Issue Then You can Again Try.

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Thanks for your update. The 'duplicate service by same seller' means just that, you have a similar or duplicate service on your profile. If you're creating multiple services only distinguished by quantity, then you will usually have rejected services. You should make a concerted effort to offer more like a mix of social media (assuming that is your field). For instance, your core offering might be 10 subscribers 2 comments. Rather than multiple services for varying quantity of subscribers, i.e. 100 subscribers, 200 subscribers, 300 subscribers, etc.

Whatever your offering, try to include at least one unique item per service. For instance, start a Twitter account and offer a shoutout in addition to the quantity of subscribers you are providing. That will satisfy the 'promotion' aspect of the service.

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