Buying Backlinks - Supplying URL and Keywords

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Buying Backlinks - Supplying URL and Keywords

Hey everyone,
If I purchase some backlinks in a small quantity and the seller requests 'URL and Keywords' - to get the best result, should I pick long keywords or short? Is the URL being requested supposed to be my main landing page or is it better to supply specific pages I am trying to get a better result from? 

Asking for answers from other buyers who have had good results and from sellers who know the playing field from both sides please


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you better to send him long tail keyword because long tail keyword rank very fast on the other hand short keywords have strong competitor and it will take long time to rank in google

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Short keywords has too much competition if your website is new better to rank the long tail keywords first.

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I can see that you are confused about providing either your landing URL or other specific pages and this is the real reason behind your confusion.

I can see on your question that your keywords are not a major issue but you are putting this question for investigation.

As far I understand you must choose a specific URL that has almost good articles/posts that match with your niche keywords. It doesn't matter either you have long-tail keywords or short keywords phrases and it all depends on Good SEO optimization and related niche articles that must match with your keywords, still there are more other factors that must be included, optimize & research.

If you have backlinks then what type of backlink you have been used to improve your search metrics.

For Perfect research you need to upload:-

  • URLs both Landing page & other Specific Pages
  • Keywords
  • about backlinks
  • etc.
My opinion is limited and if you would like to know more details you must put this question in front of the best SEO expert by providing your URL and if you have a separate Landing page then also you must provide it to them. Contacting will solve your issues.


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