A Freelance Writers Journey to Level X

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A Freelance Writers Journey to Level X

Admittedly, a story is not a story without having a storyline. Yet, this story is a journey that is still going through.

A bit of my history:
I come from a family where i was onto books since my childhood. Yet, i failed to make my parents proud because i was a mediocre student. So, i finished my bachelor's degree in 2008 in Computer science. After 11 years, i again got my next degree in 'Bachelor of Pharmacy'.

The Beginning:

For true, i am a lazy person, so i tried what i like best as my career. I started a computer institute, and teach computer subject to everyone. Then, in January 2011, i joined HP computers as their zonal instructor. Then i tried youtube a bit. Since 9th July 2017, i joined seoclerks, and till today i am on this magical platform.

The journey:
It was really tough for me. Some of you already know, in Nov 2011 i had a massive accident that changed my life. After trying youtube and private tuition, i was really doomed. Because of my physical condition, i won't able to work any stage where i need to apply massive physical activity. But at last, i came across the seoclerks, and i was liberated.

The facts:
The seoclerks is the platform where i first try to work as a freelancer, and i will assure you, this platform will not backfire on you. After joining, i waited and waited. After 25 days, one client tried my writing skills. After that, there is no turning back. I always tried to work honestly and take part in the seoclerks community and else. Maybe, i am getting small orders, but its "something better than nothing"!

The present situation:
This pandemic year 2020, i lost my father and mother. Being only one child, i am left alone in this world. For this reason, i consider every client as my part of the new family, seoclerks family. Yes, i am bad sometimes, when i am not within myself. But i am also good enough to contribute to my seoclerks family and for the platform. I am sorry, if i hurt anyone yet i am thankful for you all for your support, and without you, i am nothing!

The Gift:
I like to thank 
'my clients' and the 'seoclerks team'. For you people only, i am rewarded with the 'Level X status'. I am silently thanking all, and promising all to carry forward the legacy of 'Level X status' and the "responsibility" with proper attention. My care for the platform and my clients will not be narrowed, that i can say for sure!

Thank you everyone for reading my story. Without you all, i am nothing. Thank you seoclerks team again.

Regards- razarshi


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I must say that I like your writing.

Although, I found somethings that made me realize we all have to keep improving ourselves daily.

Goodluck Razarshi.

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Good Luck with your future endeavour.

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You deserve more, good luck best writer

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