The basics of selling your gigs.

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The basics of selling your gigs.

In the beginning, without self-initiative, you cannot get lots of sales.


It’s because, everything starts from a big zero. And none likes zero.

Rather, everyone doubts zero as it is unknown and untested.

That is why every beginning needs lots of self-initiatives. In this stage, a seller has to build trusts on herself or himself, as well as on her or his products or services.

This is the very first point, every new comer in the trade of online selling must remember.

Buyers don’t buy products or services to make the seller earn. They buy to products or services as the solutions of their own problems.

They, so, don’t listen about you or your product or service. They are keener to listen about their problems and solutions.

So you should address their problems and solutions, your product or service solves.

Let them realize that you are more concerned about their problems, not on making your money.

Make them realize that you believe:

  1. your success depends on their success
  2. you’ve enough knowledge and skills to solve their problems.
This is the second point, every new comer in the trade of online selling must remember.

Success in online selling depends on these two points.

So this two requirements turn into a big challenge for the new sellers, starting from zero.

What you should do to win these two challenges?

Talk to more and more people on the issues your offer solves.

Make them aware about what’s in your offer.

Why you are the right person to come in to solve their problems.

How to do that?

To do this you have to do the followings:

  1. Create a blog
  2. Publish contents
  3. Share your blog posts on various social networking sites.
  4. Discuss about the concerned problem on various online discussions
It is a continuous job. Persistence matters.

This builds people's trust on you.

This is the way to send tons of traffic to your sales page.

Finally, your business gets its momentum. 


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Many Many Thanks For Your Kind Information. It’s Really Really Very Useful Information For Me and Hope All The Seller in Our SeoClerks Community.

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No one wants to be the first to order a service, nobody wants to buy a product that is not tried or tested by others, so guys are a little bit cautious about what they are giving a try. they only want services that are the creme de la creme of the industry. this is the great bottleneck we face as first time sellers, when users only want services that have already sold tens of thousands of copies, and have thousands of happy customer reviews. How can you have those positive ratings when you are just getting started as a seller? Its quiet difficult at the beginning but once you get the critical mass reviews then your orders hit the roof. they skyrocket like you have never imagined before.

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thanks Very Useful topic for me

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