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Custom Order Help

Dear members I have sent a custom order request to one of my clients and then I receive the alert in my account saying buyer has accepted custom order request. The problem is I can't find the order on my manage sales page under any tab(completed, delivered, active etc). Also I am unsure if the buyer has made the payment to website or not?

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Custom Order Help


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Hi NwWork

I Never Heard a Seller Send a Custom Order to a Buyer, Looks like Buyer Send you a Custom Order.
If Yes, You need to Accept the Custom Request from Buyer in the Message, Then after Deal, You can check in your "Sales"

I Hope This Help
Thank You
- Rehiga

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Oh snap I think I get it now I sent the buyer custom order and it actually prompts me to pay with a big green button. The buyer was asking for a order link and I assumed that they want me to send custom order request similar to other sites. Here it seems they need to send me the request?

Thanks for your fast InputCustom Order Help
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