Running a digital agency and can't get clients? Here's what you do!

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Running a digital agency and can't get clients? Here's what you do!

Whenever someone starts building their digital agency selling SEO, Web Design, Marketing Packages, etc. they tend to think that getting clients is something anyone can do.  Well, it is, but it's not the easiest thing someone can do if you're not sure where to start.

Over the years, I've done every form of marketing and advertising to pull in leads for my digital agency, and that's why I know what works all the time and what rarely works.  This discussion is about one of those things that takes time but works every time, and the only downside is that it takes more effort than you may want to put into it.

Now then, are you willing to put more time into your agency?  Well, keep reading Running a digital agency and can

Cold Call for 2+ hours a day
Yes, cold calling still works, and that's because not many people are doing it.  If you're willing to sit down, call businesses for at least 2 hours a day, and pitch to them as to why they need your help, then you could bring on a few new clients each week.

Yes, you won't get a client every hour you're calling, but you can land a couple each week if you invest at least 2 hours a day into this.  Can you cold call for 5+ hours a day? GREAT!  You'll get more clients the more you work on this!

Follow up calls for 2+ hours a day
You won't be able to do this until week two since your initial calls won't need a follow up for a little bit.  Think of it this way, anyone that you called and didn't hate you, they're the ones that need follow-ups.  Don't be hesitant to call the people that said they weren't interested; you can't tell what sort of impression you've left on them, and the next time you call you could hear them say "I'm glad you called back because I've been thinking it over and I think I need your help!".  You'd be surprised how often this happens!

Think of it this way, anyone that you called on Monday in week one should be called on a Monday in week 2, and that should stay pretty consistent, so you don't call too often and annoy people.

You'll get rejected 100's or 1,000's of times
The more you're putting into cold calling, the more you'll get rejected, and you'll have to get used to this.  Getting rejected from thousands of business owners will take some patience because there's always a whale of a client on your next call.  You could find a client that wants to sign up right then and there over the phone, or you could have to call someone back 10+ times before they decide to pull the trigger.  

Persistence is key when it comes to something like this, and you'll start to impress some people who keep rejecting you.  A lot of the times when someone says "I admire your persistence even when I keep saying no" are the ones I always tell "Imagine what I could do for your company with this drive and ambition!" and they usually sign up for entry-level services and scale upward as they get more clients Running a digital agency and can

Offer free services to select B2B companies
If your agency is brand new and you have zero reviews online, you'll want to offer your top-level services to select businesses that are working with other businesses.  

Why do you ask?  That's easy!

It's because you can offer your services for free as long as these B2B businesses refer clients to you.  Simple, right?  You do some amazing SEO, Marketing, Web Design, etc. work for one client, and they refer people to you without asking for a commission Running a digital agency and can  I try to do this whenever possible, but I don't find too many B2B clients that are big enough and have plenty of referrals.  Remember, they need to have a client base to refer people to you.  You can't do free work for everyone who just started because you won't get paid by their referrals for a while.

Rinse and Repeat
Do this every week, for at least 2 hours, and you'll be swimming in clients after your first year.  You'll have clients coming directly to you, being referred by other customers, and finding you from all the amazing reviews you've started to accumulate online Running a digital agency and can

Final Thoughts,
This takes a lot of time each week, more than you may want to put into it, but if you're turned away by this method, then you're in for a rough journey.  Running an agency isn't a "Set and forget" type thing.  You need to be on the front lines, pulling in clients, doing the work, and being your customer service when needed to build your empire from the ground up.  Trust me, this method works, and the people willing to test it out for a month can back me up on it Running a digital agency and can

Thanks for reading Running a digital agency and can

- Tommy Carey


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