Why a CRM should be used by every sales professional

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Why a CRM should be used by every sales professional

Recently I've started using a new CRM to manage all of my leads and sales.  I've become pretty well-versed on most of the things within the CRM I'm using and decide to write a discussion about my experiences that cover a lot of why sales professionals should be using them.

In the past, I would always take notes about what I was doing, who I needed to call, and where I needed to send reports, but I never used a CRM the way it was supposed to be used, until now.  I've been using it for the last few months, and I can't imagine going back to my old ways of keeping track of everything lol Why a CRM should be used by every sales professional

Helps manage conversations
One of my favorite things with a CRM is that it will keep track of your conversations you're having with each customer.  You can link most CRMs to your Gmail account, or whatever email you're using, and it will load into your dashboard so you don't have to log into multiple accounts.

I can send emails to my leads and clients directly from my CRM dashboard, which is very convenient, and I don't have to worry about monitoring my inbox since I have desktop notifications turned on Why a CRM should be used by every sales professional

Can track leads, sign-ups, and sales
I love the fact that a CRM is built to help me track everything I could think of (within reason, of course) that has to do with sales and my clients.  I can add them as a lead, nurture the conversation over a week or two, get them to sign up by sending them an invoice, and all of this is done from the same platform!

If they don't sign up or respond to my invoice, I can have notifications go off letting me know it's been X days since the last interaction, and it's probably time to get back in touch with them to see what's going on.  This is a huge conversion booster since I don't have to sift through my emails to figure out who hasn't responded in a week or two, who hasn't signed up, who needs a little nudge, and basically who needs me to give them a call to bring them on board lol.

You can contact people directly through your CRM (usually)
Like I mentioned above, you can contact people directly through your dashboard, but not every CRM will have that option.  I tend to lean towards the platforms that give me the most freedom and allow me to integrate as many systems as possible, so I don't have to monitor several inboxes and chase down clients.

If you can't contact clients directly from your dashboard, it's not a big deal; you'll need to log into your email whenever you want to send them something.

Your accountant will love you a little more
One thing I've noticed, and my accountant loves, is that my CRM has everything in a nice little file for the end of the year when I need to do taxes.  I can download/export the data from when I started (I started late last year, so it wasn't a full year) and send that over to my accountant to look over and take notes on.  I'll also give my accountant my monthly statements and everything else needed to do my taxes properly, but the CRM helped me do a lot of that, and it makes my life a bit easier come tax time lol.

Without a CRM you will go crazy
Looking back to how I used to do my work and take notes, I see it as crazy or insane.  I was getting leads, converting them, and running a successful business, but now I can do so much more and be 1,000x more organized!  

I don't see myself ever going back to my old methods, where I would write everything down in my files and try to keep track of it.  I'll be using a CRM from now on for everything client and lead-related.

Final Thoughts,
If you're not using a CRM to manage your incoming leads and clients, you might want to think about checking one out, and that's because it's changed my life drastically.  I don't feel as lost when it comes to talking with clients, I don't lose emails, my conversations are all in one place, I can invoice them easily, and I know who needs an email or phone call to get them on board.  A good CRM is worth its weight in gold if you ask me Why a CRM should be used by every sales professional

Thanks for reading Why a CRM should be used by every sales professional

- Tommy Carey


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