I have made $20.00 worth of affiliate sales, Why have I only made $0.20 commission?

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I have made $20.00 worth of affiliate sales, Why have I only made $0.20 commission?

I asked a question on here about a week ago, about affiliate sales. I was told by other SEOclerks users that I was going to make 10% of all sales that my affiliates purchase. Well I have been credited for one sale that I made, which was for $2, and I got $0.20. There are about $18.00 more sales in my affiliate back office that I have not received any credit for. Is there something in the fine print I am missing?


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I've responded to your helpdesk ticket regarding this issue but thought that it would be helpful if this were also made public so I'll repost it here.

In your affiliate section you can see what has cleared (top section), who has signed up as your affiliate and what they have bought. You do not get earnings until orders are completed and then they fall into the cleared section at the top. The orders clear at the same time as the seller. Depending on the seller, this could be 1 to 8 days (it depends on their user level).

For example, your friend you mentioned actually has 9 orders. However, one of them is cancelled/refunded. 1 is completed but not cleared and 7 are still in progress. Once the completed one clears, you'll see another entry in the top section of the affiliates area ( just like the two you have there. Once the other 7 are completed and cleared, those will become visible in the top section and added to your available funds to withdraw.

Affiliate sales do not clear into your account until they clear into the sellers account.

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first of all you must check out the referral had been used your affiliate or not, to check this you can refer to your affiliate tab. Then you can see the affiliate which you have made. SO depending upon the orders you will get paid. Means the amount must be cleared.

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I have 10 affiliates. $20.00 in affiliate sales. I know how to use the affiliate tab. I am not being credited for almost all of the sales. Only 20 cents has been recognized!

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I noticed a few numbers that were off lately too.
I had $116 in Affiliate Sales (so far of which $8.70 has been Credited for).

I think what happens is kind of like the same that happens when you make a regular Sale.
You'll get an email Notification of that Sale. Then the Buyer needs to Respond to Seller and Follow through on the Order.

So your Affiliate Commissions may not reflect the EXACT amount of Sales yet depending on which ones have officially been initiated by the Buyer.

Also, sometimes Orders are Cancelled, or requests have been sent by either Buyer or Seller to Cancel the Order. Sometimes, their Status may not reflect while they are Pending. (but they should reflect in your Stats eventually)

Hope this is at least half helpful.

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