How to grow your freelancing career over time with these little tricks

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How to grow your freelancing career over time with these little tricks

Everyone selling a micro-service or gig online is going to have a tough journey ahead of them.  It doesn't matter what niche you're in, how good your services are, or how much traffic is on the platform you're selling on.  You will have an uphill battle ahead of you and to make it easier I've written this discussion filled with some tips to help you get a sale or two How to grow your freelancing career over time with these little tricks

If you've tried selling online, then you know it's not always the easiest thing if you're new to a platform.  You could be the best freelancer on one platform, then start to sell the same services on a second platform, and your sales will not come in as frequently as the first platform.

Why is that?

It's because you don't have the same reputation on one platform that you do on the other.  Your reputation and good standing doesn't carry across multiple platforms to show people you're the best at what you do.  It would be pretty cool if it did, but it doesn't, and that's why you need to start fresh with each new platform.

Well then, let's get started on these little tips that can help you sell!

Know your competitors
If you've decided to jump into the freelancer lifestyle, congratulations!  You've just started one of the easiest and most difficult jobs in the world!  

Seriously, this type of work isn't that difficult since you're selling skills that you already have and are helping others.  The problem is that you've not started from scratch and have to build your authority over time.  The way to boost yourself quicker is by knowing your competition and understand what they're selling.  If you're a scraping expert who puts together detailed email lists, you should check to see what your scraping competitors are doing, and then you should improve your service to offer more than they are.

Check the way they set up their service, what they're pricing is, what their TAT is, and what their upsell/add-ons are so you can look better whenever someone checks you out How to grow your freelancing career over time with these little tricks

Sell at a lower price than you normally would
One thing you MUST do when starting to sell as a freelancer, or selling on a new platform, is pricing your services much lower than you normally would.  Think about it, you're a new seller, and you don't have anyone interested in your normal pricing, and that's because no one wants to take a chance on you.

Price your services as low as you can go, mention your normal pricing so people see you're discounted, and that should help bring in a few additional sales starting.  Remember, this is a slow process, so all of the sales you can bring in now will help you out drastically later on.

Create upsells and add-ons to boost profits
One of the best things you can do to improve your profits is to offer upsells and add-ons.  These are things like "Build an additional 100 backlinks" or "Give you two logo mockups instead of 1," which will sell fairly easy if you reduce their price per add on.

Think about it, if you were to sell 1,000 backlinks at $100 and had three add-ons such as

  1. 250 additional backlinks for $24
  2. 500 additional backlinks for $40
  3. 1,000 additional backlinks for $70
Don't you think you'd get some people purchasing your upsells/add-ons?  YUP!

Gradually increase your pricing over time
A nice thing about all the freelancing platforms is that you can edit your services and pricing whenever you want.  You can now increase your pricing after you hit certain goals you set for yourself.  Think about it; no one wants to purchase your $100 service right now because you don't have any sales/reviews.  If you were to drop that price as low as you could, you could get some sales and five-star reviews; then, you could increase the price over time and keep the reviews while having your normal pricing.

Doing this is perfectly normal for new sellers to any platform because they need to get sales, deliver the work, and get those crucial first reviews to prove to everyone you know what you're doing.

Link between your services to increase views and boost sales
This little trick isn't done by that many people, and I'm not sure why.  If you go through your services, save their URLs to a .txt file, then go back through each service and link back to your services at the bottom of your descriptions, you can boost your overall sales a decent amount.

You're essentially interlinking all of your services, sharing traffic between them, and creating additional sales because someone may have been looking for a logo design service but never came across yours until they landed on another service you offered and clicked through How to grow your freelancing career over time with these little tricks

Over-deliver and be on time with every order
I can't stress this enough when starting, you need to over-deliver and be on time with each order!  Over delivering is when you provide more of the service with each order, and the buyer becomes extremely happy with the work.  You could sell 1,000 backlinks and give them 1,500 or do a logo design and give them five concepts to choose from instead of a single one.  

If you deliver all of your orders on time, or early, you will please the buyer a lot.  Deliver on time or early, and give them something extra, they will love you forever and keep coming back How to grow your freelancing career over time with these little tricks

Final Thoughts, Become a power seller!
All roads lead to becoming a power seller, and you can do that quickly if you follow the little tips I gave you above here.  It's a long journey, but you can do it, and you will be happy you put in the long hours of hard work to get there.  You're getting paid for this so do whatever you can to provide the best service possible How to grow your freelancing career over time with these little tricks

Thanks for reading How to grow your freelancing career over time with these little tricks

- Tommy Carey


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