Software can help you with lead generation, but you'll still need to work

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Software can help you with lead generation, but you'll still need to work

Everyone is looking for the key to success, and a lot of us think that software is what we need to be successful.  Software helps with automation, but it won't seal the deal with larger clients unless you're willing to talk with them one on one.  No company wants to hire an SEO specialist, social media manager, or web designer without chatting with them.  Some of you may be saying, "I sell those easily without talking to customers!" and that's great, but I doubt you're selling them for $10,000+ per month to clients willing to sign a one year contract.

Don't get me wrong, I love using software to help automate as much of my business as possible, but I know it can only do so much and at some point, I'll have to step in and finish the work.

In this discussion, if you haven't figured it out already, I'll be going over a few automation you should focus on if you want to have more time for your business.

Use software to gather information about businesses or consumers
Instead of going through Google and creating your spreadsheets about what types of business you're targeting, their emails, websites, names, phone numbers, etc. you should use software that will scrape all of that information together.

This type of software is all over online, so do a basic google search for "Google Maps Scraper" or just "Business Scraper Software," and I'm sure you'll find plenty to choose from.  Pick the one you like most, something that will do what you need it to do, and start scraping the SERPs for your potential leads.

Use software to reach out to potential customers
A piece of software I like to use is a contact form submitter, so I can get my message to anyone that owns a website.  This is a grey area when it comes to spamming, so I would recommend setting up a sort of capture page and never mention your main website until someone shows interest.  This way, you can talk to them through your capture page then refer them to your main site when you know they're interested, and you're not sending everyone messages about your money site, and they could complain to your hosting or ISP.

Again, this is a grey area when it comes to spam but, it's not actual spamming if you know the definition lol Software can help you with lead generation, but you

Use email software to set a sequence of outgoing emails
I love using a 3rd party mailing system that will allow me to capture or upload potential leads and have them set into my email sequence.  I will schedule this to have at least six emails going out over 18-30 days to keep my websites on people's minds.  Again, you'll want to send them to a sort of capture page since this could be seen as spamming, and you want to be as safe as possible.

When someone shows interest, redirect them to your main site, and you should be able to pull in plenty of customers with this little automation trick Software can help you with lead generation, but you

Using software doesn't mean you're 100% hands-off
Like I mentioned in the beginning, you won't be able to take a back seat and let your software do all the work, and that's because, at some point, you'll need to talk to your leads.  The bigger clients I've closed on are always the ones who want to talk to me over the phone or in person.  They want to know I'm a real person, someone who I claim to be, and a person they can trust with their business. 

I'll tend to talk to these people for at least 30 minutes and go over everything we need to talk about, and in the end I can usually tell if they're willing to sign up.  The longer the conversation, the more likely they'll turn into a client, and that's never a bad investment of my time lol Software can help you with lead generation, but you

Talk to people, get them to sign up, and keep using software!
You can continue to keep using software to get people on board and even talk to people who are already signed up.  Think about all the newsletters that go out for businesses you've talked to, do you think they send those newsletters to clients?  Well, they do send them newsletters, and that's because they still want to stay relevant to clients even if they haven't talked to them in a while.

Final Thoughts,
Software can do a lot of the hard work that would take you weeks to perform, but it can't seal the deal for you when it comes to getting large clients.  You need to be willing to talk to people if you want to be successful online or at least have a very detailed FAQ and Knowledgebase, and that's because people still want human interaction when it comes to working together.

Thanks for reading Software can help you with lead generation, but you

- Tommy Carey


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