Why Google hates the little guy in the beginning

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Why Google hates the little guy in the beginning

When you're launching a new website, you will likely think you're going to take over the search engines with your amazing services, products, and shenanigans.  Well, I hope this isn't your first website, and you have all your hopes and dreams set on search engine traffic because it won't start coming in for a while.

Sure, you could run some Adwords campaigns and technically get search engine traffic, but I'm talking about organic traffic that you don't have to pay for.  That's the type of traffic that is "free" and converts like crazy but takes a while before it starts to trickle in.  

In this discussion, I'll be talking about why Google seems to hate the little guys in the fight for rankings, but in the end, it's justifiable, and we should all understand why Why Google hates the little guy in the beginning

Big brands in your niche will already dominate
There should be no surprise that you will have competition throughout your entire career unless you're buying your competitors and integrating them with your systems.  You will be going against heavyweights of your industry, no matter what industry you're targeting, and that means you're in for an uphill battle no matter what you're selling.

You could have the best service, best products, and best everything, but people will still flock to the bigger brands because they're more trusted.  This is why you will need to build your brand in a way that rivals the big box stores, the heavyweights of your niche, and come out on top as the industry leader.  It takes time, it takes a lot of money, but you can do this if you bootstrap your profits and continue to climb the ladder of success Why Google hates the little guy in the beginning

It's easier for a big brand to rank for your keywords
When you're starting a website in a niche that has big competitors, you will quickly realize that they've been doing SEO and marketing for years already.  They have the trust of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so it's much easier for them to rank a new article that is shorter than you're well designed and crafted piece of artwork in content form.  

It sucks, but it's something you'll have to live with, and if you can continue to boost your authority in the eyes of the search engine gods, then you'll eventually fight toe to toe with the big guys and win some battles for rankings.

There's more leniency for big brands and content marketing
Like I mentioned above, the bigger brands will already have the authority, and that means their content will be trusted the day it's published.  This also means they can hash together a 500-word article, with some images, and have it ranking tomorrow.  If you're new to the niche, you could put together a 2,000-word article that helps anyone that reads it, but it will still take three months for it to rank because you're not trusted yet.

You'll need to keep pushing yourself to publish great content to climb the SERPs (search engine results pages), and you'll see your website ranking over the big guys in due time Why Google hates the little guy in the beginning

Don't worry, you can still beat big brands, and here's how
You should never compare your chapter one to a competitor who is on chapter 30.  This means you shouldn't worry about making a million dollars a day, even if your competitors are right now.  You can get there if you continue your journey, take all the right steps, and keep pushing yourself.  

The best thing about jumping into a niche with a lot of competition is that you can see what the bigger websites are doing wrong, fix them on your site before it's a problem, and people will start to notice you quicker because you're there for the people.  You can see what people are complaining about when navigating your competitor's sites, take those complaints as if they were your own, and implement a change for your systems and setup so people will flock to you Why Google hates the little guy in the beginning

Final thoughts,
No matter what niche you decide to jump into, you will always have a competitor there fighting for rankings, sales, and everything else you want.  You need to keep your head up, learn from your mistakes, learn from their mistakes, and keep pushing yourself.  You won't be successful today, tomorrow, or even next year, but you can get there with dedication.  Remember, you can't compare yourself to a company that has already been in business for 10+ years, but you CAN learn from their mistakes and make a better platform for YOUR users!

Thanks for reading Why Google hates the little guy in the beginning

- Tommy Carey


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