6 things to focus on if you want to become a Professional Blogger

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6 things to focus on if you want to become a Professional Blogger

When you start writing content for your website, you might not think of becoming a professional blogger.  Your content could be amazing and get a lot of attention, which will bring in waves of people thirsting for more content, and that means you'll need to continuously write to please the hordes of people waiting for every post you create.

Now, you don't have to feel forced to write content, but if you're good enough to bring in waves of traffic, then you may as well monetize it and make some money, right?  As soon as you start making enough money from blogging that allows you to quit your day job, you've become a professional blogger, and you will see that you can boost your profits even more if you keep reading this discussion 6 things to focus on if you want to become a Professional Blogger

Always prepare your content before writing and publishing it
You never want to write an article and publish it without editing a single sentence.  You want to make sure the content you're writing and publishing for your readers is well thought out, edited, and perfect, so you will always be seen as the authority you are.  If you're winging every post and not editing a single line, then you'll notice people critiquing your content because it's low quality, and you may think it's amazing. 

You'd be surprised how often I'll have a comma not make it into a sentence, and someone will call me out for it lol 6 things to focus on if you want to become a Professional Blogger  This is one of the reasons I love my Grammarly premium subscription 6 things to focus on if you want to become a Professional Blogger

Use tools to help you build better content
Like I mentioned above, I love Grammarly, and you can too for free!  There's a free plugin/extension you can use to spell check your posts.  You will need to upgrade to the premium version if you want it to show you absolutely everything and also check for plagiarism against 8,000,000 pages it scans regularly.

Using tools to help you build better content is pretty common practice when you've been blogging for a while.  I don't remember when I started using tools to spell check or scan for uniqueness, but it was early on, and I'm glad I started then because it's helped me gain a lot of traction compared to other people in my niches who don't have automated spell checking and plagiarism checkers lol.

Know when to insert links and when not to
You can't write a post solely for the purpose to advertise something.  If you are doing this, make sure it doesn't seem like you are, and you should be fine. 

When I talk about inserting links, you will need to know when and where is the right time to do so, if you aren't worried about this, then you might hurt your content.  You'll need to give plenty of great content and only insert a link when it's necessary.  If you're submitting links every 50 words, your article will look horrible, and people will leave your page quicker than they got there lol.

Build an email list from day one
Many people mess this up because they don't see the importance of email marketing.  Well, here it is... Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to turn someone into a buyer, and it has plenty of proven studies behind it.  Sure, it will take an average of 6 interactions/emails before someone becomes a member or buyer, but that's easy to do when you think about all the automation tools out there at your disposal 6 things to focus on if you want to become a Professional Blogger

Share every blog post on all your social platforms
If you want to be a professional blogger, you will need to be active on social media as well.  I know these aren't your actual websites, but they are going to help represent you and pull in additional traffic, and we all need various traffic streams if we want to be successful. 

You can use plugins, scripts, or 3rd party services like IFTT to help automate this task.  You can set them up to auto-post your blog content as it becomes available, and it will save you a lot of time.  The only problem with this is that you'll need to post a unique snippet of content with each blog post you write, so people don't see a link to your post, and that's it.  You'll get more engagement if you go to your page, edit the post by adding a small paragraph at the top of the link, all, so your visitors see more content than the simple link being shared.

Don't be a robot
You MUST show your users that you're a real person and not a robot spouting off various articles.  If you're using the automation trick with IFTT, then you're one step ahead of your competitors, be sure to edit the posts slightly after they go live, and you'll be happy you did.  You'll also need to respond to everyone that comments, answer emails, and use live chat to talk with anyone that has a question.

Final Thoughts,
Being a professional blogger is more than publishing an article on your website.  You will need to invest a lot of time into crafting the content, editing the content, and distributing it amongst all your social profiles while editing anything that needs a little more attention.  You might take days to write one article that could bring in thousands of visitors, but it's worth it 6 things to focus on if you want to become a Professional Blogger  Take your time when you're blogging, and it will pay off in the long run!

Thanks for reading 6 things to focus on if you want to become a Professional Blogger

- Tommy Carey


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