Not focusing on lead generation means you're not focusing on business growth

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Not focusing on lead generation means you're not focusing on business growth

If you own a website or run a business, then you should always be focusing on growth.  Sure, you should also focus on product development, quality, and the essentials to keep everything top-notch, but you should ALWAYS be focused on your next lead.  You can have the best software, the best product, the best anything, and have a failing business because you didn't focus on leads enough.

There are plenty of businesses out there that have the field of dreams mindset. "If you build it, they will come," and that doesn't work anymore.  You need to build it, optimize it, market it, keep people coming back, and keep the leads coming in if you want to see any real growth.

Generating leads should be a top priority
I get it, you may be a programmer who focuses more on the code than bringing in the next lead, but that's what will kill your business a few months down the road.  If you don't focus on bringing in sales and leads, then you should close up shop now and save your money.

Don't know how to generate quality leads?  Bring someone on board who can help you out, someone with sales experience, and someone who is familiar with your product or service.  You'd be amazed at how many sales a person can bring in if they focus solely on that while you do other things.

Forgetting about leads is the same as killing your profits
I've seen plenty of companies forget to monitor their lead generation methods, and in the end, it hurts their profits a ton.  You can set up an adwords campaign, let it run forever, and never realize that with a few little tweaks, your slightly profitable ads could bring in thousands a day.  How long do you think you could work with that?  How long would it be before your ads kill your business because they're not generating enough profit?

Businesses all over the world startup because they have a great idea, but most of them have no clue how to do marketing and generate leads.  A lot of them will think, "We'll go on Facebook and bring in leads from there!" but that's not how detailed targeting works lol. 

Please, please, please, if you don't know what you're doing or you can't find the time to do the lead generation yourself, then bring someone on board who can help you out.  It may sound like a risky thing to do if you're starting, so maybe a commission only position is something a beginner in sales would jump on.  You won't get amazing salespeople for commission-only positions, but those initial salespeople can help you build your profits enough to bring on someone amazing Not focusing on lead generation means you

You will ALWAYS need fresh leads
Today you will see a lot of businesses starting to die off because they think "Our customers stick with us forever," but they forget to realize that people change and that people die off.  Older businesses, the ones that were established before the internet was born, are the ones that are more likely to die off because they're not focused on bringing in fresh leads.  The older ones that are surviving, and thriving, have adopted online marketing and can now say they've been in business for 100+ years, which gives them instant credibility over the competition around the world. 
Sure, you could tie people into a one year contract, but that means you have profits for that year.  If you're not re-investing your profits to bring in fresh clients, your business will die, guaranteed.

You should never stop growing your business
Growing your business is something you should always focus on, and that doesn't mean you should always be bringing in fresh leads, but you should also be advancing your systems and making everything better for the next customer you have.  Software companies are constantly updating their systems, people who manufacture products are always upgrading their machines, and even the basic web designer is always advancing their knowledge of code to be better for the next sale.

If you think your skills, services, products, and methods will never be outdated, then you're likely going to fail in a few years when newer businesses pop up and destroy their competitors.  You should always think there is someone smarter, better, and more hungry than you but you should never want to be in 2nd place Not focusing on lead generation means you

Final Thoughts,
It's a sad day when a company closes it doors for the last time because the profits aren't there anymore.  It's even sadder when the entire event could have been avoided if the business owner focused more on lead generation than other aspects of the business.  Don't be a part of the statistics where 75% of startups go out of business within the first five years.  Be a part of the 25% that stick around for a ver long time because they consistently advance their technologies and focus on lead generation each day Not focusing on lead generation means you

Thanks for reading Not focusing on lead generation means you

- Tommy Carey


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