Similar Unique Content vs. Scraped and Spun Content

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Similar Unique Content vs. Scraped and Spun Content

A lot of people complain about duplicate content showing in the search engine results pages, but 99% of the time, it turns out to be similar content that is still unique and not duplicated at all.  Sure, there are a lot of points within the content that are touching on the same idea, but they're all written in different ways, and that's why they all show up for the same searches.

Now, if you were to scrape a lot of content, then mash it together and use spintax, you will be using spun content that could turn out to be similar and unique, but it will never be high quality.

What is Similar Unique Content?
When you're writing an article, you may see that there are ten others just like it on the internet, and you may think, "Should I even write about this?  Will it get ranked?  Is this a waste of time?" and what you should be thinking is, "My article will rank on top of all these others with inferior content!".

You can have similar content to a blog or website and still get massive amounts of traffic to your blog or website.  It doesn't matter if there are one or 100 articles just like yours, it matters how you optimize it and how well Google likes it.  If those 100 competitor articles are all 500 words a piece and not optimized, but yours is 1,500 words and perfect for SEO, then guess who will be ranked #1 over time?

What is Spun Content?
There are still plenty of spun articles floating around, but not many of them make it to the top of the SERPs, so I won't be surprised if you don't know what this is.  Spun content is a way to take three or more great articles and mash them together to make a "unique" article for yourself.  It saves loads of time because if you have 100+ articles, you can make thousands and publish them all to your blog. 

The problem with this is that spun content is never the best content on the internet, and it rarely ranks well within the search results.  For this reason, people tend to use spun content on web 2.0s, buffer pages/sites, and anything related to tier 2+ backlinking because the quality isn't there to be linked directly to your homepage or subpages.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Writing your content can be tiresome since it could take an entire day to hash out a rough draft of your next amazing blog post.  This is the main reason people turn to spun content because you can generate 100 articles in the time it takes you to type the title of your unique one, but you can't let that draw you to the dark side lol.

Your unique content, even though there will be similar content online, will always bring you better results than 100 or even 1,000+ spun articles.  You will never hear someone today say, "I used an article spinner and ranked for a competitive keyword" because it doesn't happen anymore.  Sure, it was possible to do so in the past, and some people still hold onto that hope, but it doesn't work anymore, and you should invest your time into high quality content instead of purchasing an article spinner.

What You Should Be Doing
Sit down for an afternoon and think about all the content you want to write.  You don't have to write it today, hash as many article titles as possible, then start to sift through them to see which could bring in the most traffic.  After you've sorted these out based on traffic, start to write the best ones first since it takes time to rank, and continue going down the list.

Be sure to do your keyword research so you're not wasting any time with your content!

Final Thoughts,
After you've figured out that your content is far better than spun content, you will now need to get to work.  You can have similar content to others on the internet, just be sure yours is better, and the Google Gods will likely reward you over time when they start to see you shine more Similar Unique Content vs. Scraped and Spun Content

Thanks for reading Similar Unique Content vs. Scraped and Spun Content

- Tommy Carey


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