Simple B2B Sales Tips to Pull In Customers

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Simple B2B Sales Tips to Pull In Customers

Selling to businesses isn't the same as selling to a single homemaker who works two jobs to make ends meet.  You need a different approach, and you need to make sure all your numbers are correct if you want to convince a business to sign up with you no matter what you're selling.

B2B leads are more difficult to close because the person on the other end will need your services to help them generate more money.  If you aren't helping them in any way, then why should they pay you for something that they probably don't need? 

What you should be doing is showing them how you can help, what you've done for people in the past, and how you can replicate past success and apply it to the business you're talking with.  If the business owner has dollar signs in their eyes after you talk, there's a good chance you'll get them to sign up, but you'll need to keep reading this discussion, so you know how to get to that point Simple B2B Sales Tips to Pull In Customers

Don't get too fancy
When you haven't been pitching to businesses for a long time, you may think they want to hear all the profit numbers you have to throw at them and successful you can make their business.  Instead, you should be talking about specific points of the potential client's website that you can help with.  Now, you may not be offering web design, SEO, Marketing, or anything along that line so you'll need to alter this discussion slightly depending on what you sell to other businesses. 

The one thing that always stays true is that a potential customer never wants to hear "We can make you a million dollars this time next year!" because you'll turn them off from your entire pitch later on lol.

People don't like pushy and pitchy sales calls
What I like to do, which most do not, is give businesses three chances to sign up, and after that, I'll stop contacting them. 

First, I'll email and call them to see what I can get out of them.  Sometimes they're on the hook after the first few minutes, but most of the time, they're not interested, and that's what leads to the next step.

Second, I'll send them an email that thanks them for talking with me via email or phone call, and that is usually taken well.  This is a way I can keep the door open and keep our conversation going without the business owner knowing that I'm simply warming them up lol.

Third, I'll send them an email with a discounted version of my services or products and tell them to call me directly if they're interested.  Most of the time, they will get back to me and be slightly more interested than they were when we first started talking, and that's all due to the discount lol.

When they start to show a lot more interest, I will schedule a call with them, and that's when the real pitch begins Simple B2B Sales Tips to Pull In Customers

Be a human, not a robot, and watch your sales increase
No one likes talking to someone that sounds like they're reading a script.  Sure, you might have people working for you that have to follow sales protocols, but that's not always what people want to hear on the other end. 

If you talk to the person on the other line or within an email, like they're an actual person, then you'll see your profits increase while your customers stick around for longer periods due to you treating them like a human being and not a credit card.

Automate what you can but have a human touch
One way to help you weed out the tire kickers is to automate whatever you possibly can.  You'll still keep your human touch by having a sort of survey/questionnaire for them to work through, which they will if you incentivize it, and this will make sure the people you're talking to are more likely to sign up and not waste your time.

Think about it, if you were selling web design and had a small pop-up asking "Are you looking to build a new website or redesign your current one?" you will be able to lead people on a track to certain salespeople within your business that can close web designs easier or redesigns easier.  Another thing to note is that the person you're going to talk to will know a little more about you and you will know what they want to talk about before you ever call them, which gives you time to write up an approach to capture a sale since you know their website and what they're interested in Simple B2B Sales Tips to Pull In Customers

Final Thoughts,
Like I mentioned above, selling to businesses isn't the same as selling to an individual; you need to be specific in your approach and not act like a robot.  If you can treat people like actual human beings, offer a discount sometimes, and keep the conversation going, then you'll likely close more deals than you could ever imagine.

Thanks for reading Simple B2B Sales Tips to Pull In Customers

- Tommy Carey


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