Is buying quality YouTube subs actually possible?

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Is buying quality YouTube subs actually possible?

Hi.  I've been studying the idea of buying YouTube likes and subscriptions.  As I read comments concerning these services I always find negative posts saying that the subs either never happen or that they drop.   I imagine views are more realistic but - amidst all the hype from sellers - I'm wanting to know the REAL facts concerning this type of service.  Also, is it possible to hide who and where the subscribers are located from others? I actually found this website by watching an expose against a channel who used a seller here to boost his channel with  fake subs.  I'm not looking to make money on YouTube but to get only ranking, which means views and subs (as I understand it).   I am willing to invest in this strategy but I don't want to waste my time and money, and possibly harm the channel I am tasked with promoting.      Thanks for responding to this discussion. 


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Hey there,

It's definitely possible to purchase actual subs and views from real people but you should never look for the bottom of the barrel prices because that's what will get you into trouble. Instead, look for something that is more genuine, doesn't drop due to bot follows/subs/views, and you should be fine.

Another way to do this is to buy banner ads on large popular sites with massive amounts of traffic and get a lot of clicks and views. You can target general website niches if you're just looking for views, because you don't really need them to be dedicated to your industry in order to watch for a minute, but getting them to sub might be a trickier task.

When I'm looking to get a lot of clicks I will usually put my ad on a bitcoin or cryptocurrency website that offers CPM rates. I will usually get it pretty cheap, like $0.10 per 1,000 views of my banner, and I can get a decent amount of clicks in a day. The last time I did this I was set at $10 a day, getting 1,000 to 3,000 clicks a day but they weren't targeted so the conversions were next to nothing. Again, if you're just going for views, this method will definitely help you out, but it will be more difficult to build your subs with this method.

To build your subs you will want to work with influencers who can promote your channel, focus on the SEO of your videos, and try to keep people on them as long as possible. Link to other videos within your descriptions (your own videos) and keep people browsing around your stuff.

Building your subs and views by purchasing them isn't that tough to do but it's not going to be the easiest thing either. You'll need to take your time with each traffic method, sift through plenty of sellers, and figure out what works and what doesn't.

I wish I could help you out a bit more :'(

- Tommy

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Hello Sir,
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I really concerned about buying a topic on YouTube subs.

That was not good and buying YouTube Subscriber is always false statements and discourage.

If you buy subscribers then one day or another day or maybe in 1 hour they will unsubscribe to your channel.

To know more about

I hope it will definitely give you positive results and encouragement.

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Actually, it's fine, you can shorten time to get 1000 subscribers for monetization in this way but your videos won't get many new views or engagement from them. They can be real but from the exchanges group with different niches.
In another hand, if you choose a low-quality provider, they would bring you cheap subscribers and it normally drops after a few days. This can be the reason that makes your channel being banned by YouTube.

We are also selling high-quality subscribers so that's why we can understand what's good or bad for a channel.
You can also consider the way we work here, hope this helps you something.

Like other products, we are also using Social Media and Exchange Group to promote your channel to many audiences and get 100%, real subscribers.

They are real, from many countries and niches so that why they don't bring many views but still good at start reviewing for monetization.

If trying to enable monetization is your goal, it's really an advantage and chance for your channel.

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