withdraw options for earnings

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withdraw options for earnings

I want to withdraw my earnings what are options to withdraw.
can i send my earnings directly to my local bank account?

Thanks for your help 


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Hi There

You can Withdraw your Money Here:
The Method SEOClerks Used is By Using
- Paypal
- Hyperwallet
- Payoneer

Also, As a Level 1, You need to Hit $15 Before you can Withdraw your Funds.

Thank You
- Rehiga

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itself sends the earnings of the platform users in a regular basis. These payouts are calculated at the end of each calendar month and paid out on the 1st day of the following month via PayPal or Payoneer. If the 1st day of the disbursement month is a holiday, we will make the payout on the next business day.

The minimum payout amount is $50. If a seller’s account balance doesn’t reach to that minimum amount in a certain month, we will carry forward the balance to the next payout schedule. The payout is calculated till the last day of an eligible calendar month.

To make this clearer, here is an example. Suppose, a seller’s account has a $100 balance till January 31st. This amount is to be paid on
February 1st.

A user cannot manually withdraw his/her earnings from the account dashboard.

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Hay ukdatabase,
where from you find these data?
Can you please provide any official links for that?
Because i think, you are providing wrong information totally.

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you at level 1

  • Withdrawals may go under review, resulting in longer waiting
  • Withdrawals have a minimum of $15

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