How can I show a video from my ads before revisions without be stolen

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How can I show a video from my ads before revisions without be stolen

Hi team, mates,
I am a SEOClerks user from a long time. My question is:
Let`s say I have an ad which I sell a service with editing video, or creating a whiteboard. When I must show my creation to the customer how can I show him the item without being stolen by him? If I upload it on YouTube he can copy from there, or if I upload it on a Share file site, he can download it from there...and he can refuse the order because he isn`t satisfied with the product. But he has the item.
Do you know what I am saying?
Any solutions? 


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This is What Happened To Me Before i Stop From F*ve*r.
But in SEOClerks That Will Not be Easily happen, Here are My Tips.
(Very Usefull Tips Before Begin This is By make a 50% Guarrante Back In Your Services Not 100%)
1. Before Send a Completed Order, Make sure you Show them a Video With Watermark in the Center.
2. After You Send a Completed Order Without Watermark, and The Buyer Ask For Cancellation, Ask Him About Revision or Completed Your Order (Be Positive First).
3. If The Seller Still trying to cancel that order, Quickly do a Screenshot your Conversation and Contact SEOClerks Support Team or Staff.
4. Choose Between Dont Get Money and Video Stolen, Or Keep Asking for Completed Order And Get Negative Reviews (You Can give Negative Reviews to Buyer too), Or Ask For Support Team to Help You.

From Number 4 You Can Ask Me What if i Choose This, Or That, I Will Help You In This Discussion or Inbox.
I Hope This Tips is Help
Thank You
- Rehiga

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