Question about services/seller

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Question about services/seller

Hello, I have this seller who just keeps denying my service every single time. The seller pretty much requested a refund every time when I bought stuff, and It not the service problem since the seller had sold these services recently. I don't want to spend money on tax and just get a refund, I just want to know is this even allowed 


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If seller don't like to take order from you then no one enforce him. It is his personal choice, you can choose similar service from other. I hope there is some miss-understanding between you and him. Discuss with him by messaging before placing order and wait for his reply.

I have also rejecting some buyers order since I have faced problem for their review. I had hard work but buyers is trying to cheat me and claiming his money back or trying to get additional work. I have raised issue to support agents and don't like to work on any order from that buyer. I am happy with a lot of happy clients.

So, try discuss with him before placing order ot leave his service.

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