3 ways to boost your business in less than a month

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3 ways to boost your business in less than a month

I'm a big fan of boosting my businesses through methods that aren't used each day because it helps me stand out from the crowd.  These methods work well because people engage with them, share them, and come back to watch, which will all help me become more successful over time.  You can do the same things as me and reap the rewards of more sales, traffic, and reviews if done right!

In this discussion, I'll be going over a few methods to boost your business in less than 30 days.  This works for startups as well as older sites that are more established.  The difference is that an older website, one with followers, might see more success with these methods due to people already gravitating towards their pages.  Don't worry, it works very well for new websites as well, but it takes a little more patience lol.

Run a content and reward top participants
One thing I've noticed people do a lot of is run a sort of contest to boost their shares, likes, follows, etc.  They offer rewards to top participants, or they offer them a single entry for doing specific things. 

Some companies will give each person an entry per person they tag within the comments section of their ad, which turns out to be a lot of entries, and the company will then pick a few winners and message them directly.

I've done this method for a few of my eCommerce websites, and I can say it works extremely well if you run an ad that targets specific people.  You may only get in front of a couple of hundred people, but those people are more willing to perform the tasks need to pull in more views, and that's never a bad thing lol.

Do a monthly giveaway to subscribers
People are more willing to sign up for your newsletter if they can get something out of it like a gift or a large prize.  I like to reward a few subscribers each month and publicly thank them, along with images, for everyone to know it's not a hoax or scam, and I do give out the prizes.

Your first monthly giveaway may not go great because you don't have trust built up, but when people notice you're sending out the rewards, then they'll be more willing to sign up for your newsletter.

Remember, nobody likes spam, so keep the newsletters to once a week lol.

Run PPC ads for both your contests and giveaways
This isn't so much a way to boost your business but a way to boost your giveaways and contests.  What you'll want to do is create a post on your Facebook page, then click "Boost Post" and target specific people that would more than likely comment, like, and share so you can get more views for your giveaway or contest.

The more specific you can get your targeting, the more likely you'll have a better audience in the end, and the more likely your giveaway or contest will be successful.  Take your time when setting this up because targeting the wrong people could mean your ad budget is getting wasted.  I would say to run your campaign for around one week so you can tally up the votes and announce the winners 3 ways to boost your business in less than a month

Final Thoughts,
Boosting your business through contests and giveaways isn't the most difficult thing to do, but not that many companies are doing it.  You will lose money on the initial product or service you're giving away, but you'll gain loads of exposure and more customers down the road through all the likes and follows you've gained 3 ways to boost your business in less than a month  Also, run some PPC ads to give your contests and giveaways a shot of adrenaline that will help everything perform better 3 ways to boost your business in less than a month

Thanks for reading 3 ways to boost your business in less than a month

Tommy Carey


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Very Many Thanks for this.

I have been seriously trying to attract affiliates for my SEOClerks Gigs.

Perhaps your 3 Tips might ultimately work.

I shall keep you fully updated !

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